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The New European Movement Chair

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 7th March, 2021

There was a strong line-up to be elected the new Chair of the European Movement, Britain’s main pro-European campaigning body. True, they were all white males of a certain age but between them Dominic Grieve, Andrew Adonis and Peter Kellner had a wealth of different experience. Brexit may have happened, alas, but it is more important than ever that Britain has a positive relationship with our European neighbours, not just on trade — especially as.the Johnson government and its cheerleaders in the media are determined to blame the EU for all that is wrong. I watched the campaign videos that the three candidates prepared and confess that I changed my mind as a result. I had thought that having a well-coonected former Tory MP was what the EM needed now (though his predecessor Stephen Dorrell had been that too, despite defecting to the Liberal Democrats). Peter Kellner has widespread experience, too, not least as the former Head of YouGov. But Andrew Adonis has kept up the fight for Britain to be European, not just in the House of Lords and at public meetings up and down the country but also in his columns until recently in The New European and nowadays for Prospect. More important, he is determined to involve younger people in the campaign for a more European Britain — and he has an unequivocal commitment to making this a step by step march towards rejoining the EU. Britain should be at the heart of Europe though it may take some years before the public and the two major political parties accept that that is where we should be,

One Response to “The New European Movement Chair”

  1. denis579 said

    I wish Andrew Adonis well as the new Chair of the EM. I would just say that while all true Europhiles must nurse the idea of ultimate re-entry into the EU, this will at best be many years away. I hope the EM will concentrate at this stage on campaigning for a close, friendly and co-operative relationship with the EU and its members. There is already a grave danger of events taking us disastrously in the other direction.

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