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Makers of the Modern World

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 10th November, 2008

This lunchtime I was at the Imperial War Museum in London for the launch of a new series of biographies called ‘Makers of the Modern World’ — leading figures from the Paris Peace Conferences of 1919-1923 and those conferences’ aftermath and legacy — being brought out by the independent publishers Haus (who will issue my new book on T.E. Lawrence next year). As Haus’s Director, Barbara Schwepcke, explained, the inspiration for the series came from a picture in the War Museum’s collection showing figures at one of the Paris conferences. The series editor is Alan Sharp, who is also author of one of the volumes, on David Lloyd George: Britain. Others in the series that I will be particularly looking forward to include Jonathan Clements on Wellington Choo: China, my old Bush House colleague Andrew Mango on From the Sultan to Ataturk: Turkey, and Hugh Purcell’s Maharajah of Bikaner: India.


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