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Diplomat Awards 2013

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 29th April, 2013

Ambassador BoomgardenHE Carlos dos SantosThe Langham Hotel, just opposite BBC Broadcasting House, claims with justification to be one of the oldest top-end hotels in Europe. Crown Prince Edward presided over the opening of its grand function room in 1865; this evening, almost a century and a half later, it welcomed the massed ranks of London’s diplomatic corps, at what has become a key date in the capital’s annual social calendar: Diplomat Magazine’s Awards for diplomats of special note, nominated by their peers. It’s true that in the interim the hotel went through some barren years, especially after the Germans dropped a bomb through the roof and the BBC then occupied it for offices. But now it is back to its former glory (despite recently hosting Justin Bieber, on the less than glorious London led of his concert tour). The Awards were presented tonight by Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to to Washington and head of the ill-fated Press Complaints Commission; he is now sucked into the corporate sector and performed with immense slickness and occasional wit. The laureates included the Christian Lady Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Middle East), the German Ambassador (who sent a deliciously subversive pro-European Unity message in his absence), the Ambassador of Brazil (South America), the Ambassador of Indonesia (Asia)  and the High Commissioners of Mozambique (Africa) and Trinidad & Tobago (The Americas). The hotel and various sponsors certainly did us all proud and it is a credit to the Diplomat’s owners/editors Hugo and Venetia de Blocq van Kuffeler that they manage to keep the whole enterprise going in these difficult economic times. With over 160 diplomatic missions London as a posting remains one of the highlights of any diplomat’s career and indeed for some being accredited to the Court of St James’s is the crowning of a professional lifetime, even if on occasions (as Sir Christopher wickedly reminded us, in the words of Henry Wotton) they are being sent abroad as honest men (and women these days) to lie for their country.

[photos show HE Georg Boomgaarden, Ambassador of Germany, and HE Carlos dos Santos, High Commissioner of Mozambique]

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Outlawed, Displaced and Reinstated

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 19th March, 2013

Portrait of Felix StiemerFritz SchaeflerFritz Schaefler (1888-1954) was a German expressionist painter who was damned by the Nazis as degenerate and thus some of his best work was destroyed. But he was fortunate in finding a patron in his almost exact contemporary, the Jewish industrialist Joseph Heymann (1887-1954) who bought around 70 of his canvases. This was indeed a boon, as Schaefler was so poor at one time that he had to paint or draw on both sides of canvases or paper because he could not afford fresh materials. Anyway, the Heymanns escaped from Germany to England before the Holocaust and the Second World War and the collection was kept by the family, partly displayed on the walls of their London home, partly stored in files. Tonight, the Belgravia Residence of the German Ambassador to London, Georg Boomgaarden, gave over  its ground floor to the opening of the first ever exhibition of Schaefler’s paintings in the UK; an earlier showing had taken place in Aachen. The three rooms at the Embassy Residence displayed works from three distinct periods. In the first I was particularly struck by the artist’s self-portrait, so redolent of Germany between the wars. The second room was rather more political (or in Nazi terminology, degenerate), including a circus scene from Cologne which reminded me of some of the work of Otto Dix. The final room was mainly of later landscapes and sill lives, some romantic and bright, with liberal use of egg tempera, but others more moody, dark, even threatening. It was wonderful to have descendants of both Schaefler and Heymann present at this evening’s reception and the whole event, much patronised by the capital’s art cognoscenti, was a tribute to Germany’s ability to come to terms with its past and to celebrate what had previously been derided or persecuted. The exhibition (viewed by arrangement with the German Embassy) is running until 17 April.

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