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Europe Day in Leyton

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 9th May, 2008

Across Britain, school children (and some grown-ups) have been taking part in a Euro-quiz, to mark Europe Day, which is an annual event held on 9 May. Britain has rarely taken this seriously (and indeed Mrs Thatcher even went so far as to tell people not to fly the European flag!), but that situation is improving. Other relevant events were also organised. I spent the morning at George Mitchell School in Leyton (London Borough of Waltham Forest), talking to 120 Year 8 pupils about the history and potential of the EU, the importance of learning languages and some of the opportunities available for young people now to study or work in other member states.

I was interested to see just how many questions there were about the euro and Britain’s relationship to it. As more and more EU member states adopt the euro, travellers — including young teenagers — are increasingly appreciating that Britain is out on a limb with its currency. There were strong reasons why the UK did not sign up for the euro when it was launched nearly a decade ago. But will we still be outside the Eurozone in ten years from now? 

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