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Lisboa Deserta

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 16th September, 2020

For anyone wanting to understand how COVID-19 is affecting European economies, come to Lisbon. This is usually peak season for older travellers catching the last of the summer sun, with children back at school. But the city is largely deserted. Of course it didn’t help that Britain suddenly added Portugal to its quarantine list last week. Brits are normally the mainstay of Portugal’s tourist industry, but many of those who were here left early, to escape the guillotine, and others who were due to come on holiday cancelled. I shall just grin and bear it. But it is really bizarre, with Lisbon almost like a ghost-town in the evening. Even the locals are staying home. Hotels are three-quarters empty, restaurants more so (and some have already closed down). The Portuguese as ever are welcoming, but I understand why so many have a worried look on their face. If this is how things are now, whatever is it going to be like when the colder months arrive and coronavirus cases across Europe possibly surge?

One Response to “Lisboa Deserta”

  1. maggie1108 said

    I often wish places I visit were less busy but seeing vibrant cities this empty is sad and worrying.

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