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It’s Never Too Late to Get into Television

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 11th March, 2019

JF and Berlaymont uildingWhen I first started out in journalism, as an 18-year-old cub reporter in the Vietnam War, I’d always assumed I would devote my career to the written word. Getting my first book contract shortly after joining Reuters News Agency in 1973 only reinforced that idea. So when I returned to London after eight years based in Brussels and was invited to apply to write current affairs scripts for BBC World Service radio that seemed a natural progression — and it was quite thrilling when I had a really topical story that then got translated by 20 or more different language services. But by the early 2000s I was being squeezed out of Bush House, partly because I was freelance (and therefore cheap to axe) but mainly because I had passed the dreaded age of 50. The BBC was ageist against men, as well as women, unless you were an institution like David Dimbleby or David Attenborough. I suspect it probably still is.

JF being interviewed full size.jpg So my career had hit the doldrums, only slightly alleviated by a whole series of invitations to lecture on cruise ships and to the vast network of women’s clubs that exists across Britain. But after I turned 60, something unexpected happened. I’d done a few TV interviews at the time of the 2003 Iraq War, but suddenly other offers to be a TV pundit on the Middle East appeared — from Middle Eastern TV stations, which value experience and white hair, unlike some UK domestic channels. So now I find most of my journalistic output is being a talking head on half a dozen or more mainly satellite channels, usually on the Middle East (never short of a topical story) but also these days often about Brexit. I can still review films, research and write books in the morning, but in the afternoons I spruce up to appear on screen. So you see, whatever anyone may tell you, it’s never too late to get into television.

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  1. Helen Davies said

    …and based on that great article, as a motivational speaker also …fabulous!

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