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Gareth Parry at the Thackeray Gallery

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 10th October, 2018

Gareth ParryLast night I was able to call in at the Thackeray Gallery in Kensington for the opening of a new exhibition, predominantly of seascapes, by the Welsh artist Gareth Parry. We are almost exact contemporaries, and although we have never met, my childhood summers were spent on the Llyn peninsula which figures so prominently in his work. Moreover, the isolated buildings that appear in some of his paintings are redolent of that rather shabby but calm 1960s’ era in North Wales, a far cry from the Swinging Sixties in London or even the Beatles in Liverpool (who I did listen to excitedly when their first records were played on the radio, a transistor placed between me and my sister, who was on a day’s exeat from Howell’s School in Denbigh. I love the way Parry captures the play of light on water, and although his use of bold strokes with the back of a palette knife preclude much precise detail in much of his work, he communicates a persuasive vision, slightly romanticised, yet not at all picture-postcard twee. Most of his work was done outside and it has a certain raw edge to it, of beauty and yet sadness, thoughts drifting out to sea.

The exhibition runs until 26 October.



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