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A Toe in the Edinburgh Fringe

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 25th August, 2017

From Today Everything ChangesYesterday I was up in Edinburgh for the first time during the city’s annual Arts festival, thanks to the 40th anniversary celebration of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), on whose Board I sit, at an evening reception at the National Museum of Scotland. The weather was fine, which meant I was able to spend much of the day wandering along the Royal Mile and nearby streets, drinking in the atmosphere of the street performances of the Edinburgh Fringe. In the afternoon, lured by a flyer,  I went to see one play, Ian Tucker-Bell’s From Today Everything Changes, at the unusually smart fringe venue of a meeting room on the first floor of the Hilton Hotel on North Bridge. It’s a one act, three-hander, in which Tucker-Bell plays one of the parts along with Nick Blessley and Bizz Portlock. The central character is a sexagenarian man, Alan, who comes to realise after the death of his wife that he is actually gay and who then embarks on a quest through Gaydar to gain some experience. After some false starts he links up with Chris, a man 20 years his junior, and they fumble towards a relationship. The play is not just about a previously married man coming to terms with homosexual feelings and the challenges of inter-generational love, but also tackles human insecurity and loss. It is to the credit of the two main actors that they evoke empathy from the audience almost from the word go. There is an effective mixture of monologue by Alan, interspersed with scenes of the two men’s meetings and interventions by Alan’s daughter, Alice. In the space of 50 minutes a very human story, involving characters who are in many ways just ordinary people, is acted out movingly, with a sweet and sour flavour of humour blended with tension. Altogether highly recommended. There is only one more performance in Edinburgh, tomorrow (Saturday) at 4.05pm, but the Kent-based company, the Oast Theatre, will be putting it on in other parts of the country.



One Response to “A Toe in the Edinburgh Fringe”

  1. PoetSpeak said

    A cool sounding of-the -moment play and a great festival!

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