Jonathan Fryer

Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician


Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 9th August, 2017

BresistanceOver the next couple of months there will be marches against Brexit in London and Manchester and doubtless other places, as those of us who believe passionately that Britain is better off as a member of the European Union try to stop the Conservative government making the biggest mistake since Suez. In fact, Brexit — especially the Hard Brexit that Theresa May and the UKIP-Tories favour — would be worse than Suez 1956 as it will not only diminish Britain’s standing in the world but also directly impact negatively on the lives of ordinary British people. The effects are already being felt and Brexit hasn’t happened yet; notably inflation caused by the fall of the pound sterling has sent food and other prices soaring. Predictably Nigel Farage and the cheerleaders of Brexit say they will intervene if it looks like Brexit isn’t going to happen. So be it. Let there be a proper debate about the pros and cons of EU membership, rather than the pathetic and often downright dishonest rhetoric that dominated last year’s EU Referendum. It has now become painfully clear that far from the NHS benefiting from £350million a week after Britain leaves the EU, the government’s finances are going to be much worse. Moreover, Brits probably stand to lose a range of current benefits, such as visa-free travel to the Continent, the EHIC health card that gives us free treatment in other EU member states, places for young people on the Erasmus+ scheme, cancer treatments because of our membership of Euratom and more. Let the truth about the government’s Hard Brexit be put before the British people for a vote asking them “Is this really what you want?” If so, fine, Brexit will go ahead, but if not, then it should be stopped in its tracks before it does more harm than it has already. Breixteers complain that those of us who are campaigning to stay in the EU don’t respect democracy, but on the contrary we believe the British people should have the final say. And in the meantime we will take to the streets to make our views heard, for the good of the country. Let the Bresistance begin!

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