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Flat on My Back

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

teddy bear in hospitalLast week I had to go into the Royal London Hospital for a major hernia repair. It was meant to be a daycare job, but proved more complicated than originally hoped so I was an in-patient for a couple of days. Hats off to all the wonderful staff at the hospital (only one of whom was British, Brexiteers please note). I was warned that it would take two weeks before I could resume work, and six weeks before I would be my usual bouncy self. All but my most essential appointments for the following fortnight were duly cancelled. Even so, like most energetic people I have been deeply frustrated over the past seven days by my physical inability to do much more than lie flat on my back, often asleep. The abdomen is a hyper-sensitive part of the body, which makes sitting or even standing something of a trial, though I am shuffling round a little more today. And for the first time since the op, I am actually capable of writing a piece for my blog; because it is not just the physical toll an operation and general anaesthetic take; the brain gets sapped as well. Even a Facebook posting was too high a hill to climb, though I did manage a few tweets. Ah well, I suppose these temporary setbacks are there to remind us of our own mortality, or at least, fragility. And as one of the nurses said when I was finally discharged, “Go home, lie down and enjoy the rest!”


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