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Democracy Must Endure

Posted by jonathanfryer on Thursday, 25th May, 2017

Election 2017Following the bombing atrocity in Manchester campaigning in Britain’s general election was suspended out of respect for the victims and their families, which was right and proper. Moreover the people of Britain needed a couple of days of quiet reflection for the news to sink in. Not that social media were as reticent or reflective; among loving messages of solidarity there was also much anger and some outright hatred, with people hiding behind anonymity to call for reprisals against Muslims, as if somehow a whole community were responsible for the evil doings of a young extremist indoctrinated by the propaganda of ISIS/Daesh. But the election is now only a fortnight away and it is important to demonstrate to the world, as well as to potential terrorists, that not just Manchester but Britain as a whole is unbowed and our democracy will survive and thrive despite this bloody setback. Local campaigning starts again today (and therefore I will be appearing, as planned, as the studio guest at the East London and West Essex radio station 107.5FM’s phone-in between noon and 1pm), while full-scale national campaigning will resume tomorrow. Inevitably the mood will be more subdued than one would normally expect during the fine weather of early summer. But I hope that the turnout on 8 June will be massive. Whoever people vote for, the very act of voting is an act of defiance to those who hate our British values and lifestyle. Democracy must endure.

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