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Weak and Unstable: Britain’s Brexit Government

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 7th May, 2017

Theresa May 8Theresa May and her camp followers have adopted with gusto the rather tiresome mantra “Strong and Stable”. I wonder if they realise that it was Adolf Hitler who brought that phrase to prominence, in Mein Kampf. Now, I am not suggesting Mrs May is a neo-Nazi, like Marine Le Pen. But apart from the fact that she scores nuls points for originality in political slogans, the Prime Minister’s “strong and stable” catchphrase repeated ad nauseam is an egregious example of alternative facts, an Orwellian distortion of words that chimes with the era of Donald Trump and Brexit. And, of course, in this case it is all about Brexit. What the Conservative government is doing, having co-opted UKIP’s agenda, is trying to hoodwink the British public into agreeing that it is providing decisive leadership in Britain’s best interests — whereas the reality is that it is doing precisely the opposite. The cack-handedness of their whole approach since the EU Referendum last June has illustrated their incompetence. They hadn’t planned for a Leave vote, and once it happened they floundered around, with chief ditherer and fantasist Boris Johnson despatched to the Foreign Office to try to explain things to the rest of the world. The rest of the world, with the possible exception of Putin’s Russia and other enemies of liberal democracy plus Donald Trump, is aghast. And instead of dealing sensibly with our 27 EU partners in the prolonged negotiations that are about to start, Mrs May has indicated that she intends to try to brow-beat them, cheered on by rabid Brexit media such as the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. No-wonder several of her key Downing Street advisors have resigned, as even true blue apparatchiks know that you do not succeed in negotiations if you insult the other side to their face. The sad truth is that the whole Brexit thing is going to go horribly wrong, with serious damage to the British economy and not least to the poorer parts of the British population — and Mrs May is going to blame it all on Brussels, as she wraps herself Boudica-like in the Union Jack. But she should remember that Boudica lost, as she will lose. “Strong and stable” May is a myth. She is weak and unstable, but the only way to stop her is to vote her out of office.


3 Responses to “Weak and Unstable: Britain’s Brexit Government”

  1. You live in a fantasy world, where Theresa May is evil incorporate. Like the village gossip you wish to insinuate without the responsibility of attribution: “I am not suggesting that Mrs May is a neo-nazi ” … (BUT) …

    This diatribe will come to haunt you. You have yoked yourself to Juncker and the stench will will be impossible to remove.

    • Proudremainer said

      I read the same article as you and nowhere does Jonathan claim Mrs May is evil. He does makes the (well made point) that the Govn’t has handled the whole Brexit exercise incompetently though.
      It’s hard to deny that there are though hints of totalitarianism from both the Govn’t and the right wing press. Democratic opposition is sabotage or treason
      The fantasists in my opinion are those who believe we’ll be better off (culturally and economically) outside the EU. A future as an impoverished, inconsequential lump of rock off off the coast of Europe awaits I fear. The mega-rich will do OK; it’ll be the poor working class who voted for this mess who’ll suffer the most as usual.
      I’m proud to be European and embarrassed to be British and even more ashamed to be identified as English.
      If I could emigrate I would.

  2. PoetSpeak said

    You make some good points. I am sure though that in this election with both the two main parties, Labour and Conservative, many will sympathise with Mercutio’s agonised cry in Romeo and Juliet, “A plague on both your houses!” It is sad to say these are my sentiments exactly. What a shame we have not an Emmanuel Macron in this country!

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