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Standing up to Terrorism

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 24th March, 2017

Westminster Bridge attackAs the Metropolitan Police had been warning for months that there would almost certainly be a terrorist attack in a London, following those in Paris and Brussels, the Westminster outrage should not have been a shock, but of course it was. Nothing can truly prepare one for the random carnage caused by pure hate. For everyone directly or indirectly affected by the assault its repercussions are bound to be traumatic, and even though the death toll was mercifully lower than in incidents in France, Belgium and Germany, every life lost or person seriously injured is one too many. There were three aspects to the Westminster attack that seemed destined to inflict the maximum psychological damage. Firstly, the random nature of running into pedestrians (including young tourists) on Westminster Bridge, the symbolic heart of London as a visitor destination. Secondly, the fatal stabbing of a policeman, someone serving in the line of duty to protect the public. And thirdly the targeting of Parliament itself, the centre point of British democracy. Whoever planned the outrage (on the first anniversary of the Brussels attacks) has clearly thought it through. But that should not make us panic, or indeed make us cowed. For years Londoners got on with their lives when the IRA bombing campaign was happening; every waste bin was suspect and many were sealed as a defensive measure. The best response to the latest threat is to keep calm and carry on, while championing the values that underpin our society. That means eschewing ethnic or religious profiling in our daily lives; the idiot who posted “Kill All Muslims!” as a reaction on his Facebook page has been promptly un-friended. On Saturday, a big March for Europe is planned for people who believe Britain is better off inside the European Union. I think the Westminster attack makes it all the more important for that message of solidarity among Europeans (of whatever ethnicity) to be heard loud and clear.

One Response to “Standing up to Terrorism”

  1. david damant said

    I would argue that the publicity given to these atrocities should stop. Publish only a brief statement that an attack had occur, maybe giving a place, and appealing for witnesses if that is needed, and nothing else. The terrorists LOVE LOVE the uproar we are now creating. HA Ha they cry, and we GOT HIM (the policeman). They will go to bed happy

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