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London’s March for Europe

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

Tim Farron on Europe marchI was so shattered by last week’s EU Referendum outcome that I haven’t been able to write my blog, but yesterday’s March for Europe in central London lifted my spirits. An estimated 50,000 people congregated at Hyde Park Corner, before marching to Parliament Square, waving UK and EU flags and holding aloft hand-made signs, many bearing witty puns. There was a large Liberal Democrat contingent, with Tim Farron leading; both he and the party got numerous cheers, as having campaigned overtly for Remain. What I found most encouraging was the response of the public as the march went past: waves and yells from visitors on the London Tour buses and lots of honking horns from motorists. There was a carnival atmosphere, aided by the sun and spontaneous outbursts of song, yet there was no ignoring the fact that many people in the crowd (including me) were angry that Britain may be taken out of the EU on a narrow referendum vote at least partly influenced by the lies of the Leave campaign. Having brought about this disaster, by calling an unnecessary referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron has now washed his hands of all responsibility, though he will stay in office over the summer, a lame duck while five contenders of varying degrees of charm/repulsiveness slug it out to succeed him. All, alas, are committed to going ahead with Brexit, though many on the march yesterday hopes that the almost inevitable failure to come up with a desirable post-Brexit plan might change some minds. Other marchers were demanding an election. And where was Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition? At an event in his constituency, apparently; having been lukewarm at best in backing Remain he had doubtless been advised that he risked getting booed if he turned up on the march.


One Response to “London’s March for Europe”

  1. sylvia gallagher (LDEG/BELD) said

    You”ll know me,Jonathan, from many an LDEG Conference….great that you joined the March in London but wish it had been more than 50,000 people for such an important demo! I knew there would be a March so out here in Portugal (EU!) I switched on the 6.00 p.m. BBC Radio 4 News to hear about it . Guess what – headline was Catherine O’Hearne’s death – sad ; the owner of a v.large company had made £800,000 because he bought up his own company shares when they hit low and now that the market is back to normal he has I believe sold them to make the £800.000 ( which presumably will not be given to a fund to help eliminate poverty). Everything is ‘back to normal’ – markets now pre-referendum (so why did we have it?) No mention of the March (unless I missed it as a the end). Almost as farcical as the referendum face itself.

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