Jonathan Fryer

Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician

Trump Is a Chump (and Worse)

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 9th December, 2015

Donald TrumpWere the US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump a character in a movie he would be good for a few laughs. But he is very real and very determined and not funny at all. He is the worst sort of American redneck populist, with the added twist that he has more than enough money to do whatever he wants in this world — and not to be craven to anyone. Of course, we have seen GOP goofs before, Sarah Palin being a case that springs to mind. But Trump is much more dangerous because his rhetoric appeals to the worst instincts among right-wing conservatives and disaffected working class white voters. He has been in hot water in the more liberal elements of the US and global media before, for example damning Mexican immigrants as potential drug dealers and murderers. But his latest outrage, calling for a complete ban on Muslims entering the US is his most egregious outrage yet. Islamophobia is not limited to far right extremists, but it is chilling that Donald Trump has gone so far, unashamedly. Try substituting the word “Jews” for “Muslims” and the warnings of history are evident. Moreover, Trump is bound to act as an unwitting recruiting sergeant for ISIS, al-Qaeda and other extreme Islamist groups who will ratchet up the narrative that not just America but the whole Western World is anti-Muslim, and therefore deserves to be punished and attacked. In a comedy film, the candidate Trump might indeed become President of the United States, but this is no movie, and were the unthinkable to happen in real life it would not be farce but tragedy.


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