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Why Jeremy Is Top and Liz Is Bottom

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 12th August, 2015

imageI hadn’t expected the Labour leadership election to be quite so engrossing, but it really is riveting. As Labour is currently Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, this is all far more important than just jousting among lefties. In fact, it isn’t about jousting among lefties at all. Only my old friend Jeremy Corbyn would place himself well left of centre (though whether such political geography is relevant in the 21st century is a different matter). The other three are in the crowded middle ground, with Liz Kendall positioning herself as the safe, sane candidate. So why is Jeremy stomping ahead while Liz is trailing last, with less than 10% in the internal party polls?

imageI have to say, as a media man, I though her video message was dire; set in a featureless modern office space (presumably hired for the occasion) it showed not a single ounce of personal character or affection. It was identikit New Labour at its worst, and had it not been for Liz’s voice-over I would have thought it was an advert for Apple, as their computers were the real star of the show. In contrast, Jeremy is wonderfully human, real, even shambolic, which is why people are warming to him. I have campaigned with him over the years on issues we both support, just as I have found myself on the opposite side of the politcal divide from him on other occasions. Do I think he is the best person to lead the Labour Party? Not necessarily. But given the dire alternatives and his own sincerity, he deserves to win.


4 Responses to “Why Jeremy Is Top and Liz Is Bottom”

  1. Nigel Amor said

    Hello Jonathan. My father knew Jeremy’s father when they worked together in the drawing office at Westinghouse Brake & Signal Company in Chippenham. Corbyn Senior was overlooked for promotion because he wore a corduroy jacket.

  2. John Minard said

    It would be kind of unusual but at the same time quite useful if it happened that each political party’s leader was highly representative of its membership – we might be very close to that!

  3. iStorky said

    You might like to see my video meme of the video:

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