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Tim and Norman Put on the Spot

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 30th June, 2015

EMLD hustingsTim Farron and Norman Lamb had to face what was probably the most difficult hustings of their LibDem leadership contest so far tonight at an event put on by Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats (EMLD) at the Draper Hall in Southwark. The meeting was chaired by Simon Wooley of Operation Black Vote, who had some pretty penetrating questions of his own about how the Liberal Democrats have failed to resonate with so much of the BaME community over the past five years — in contrast to the groundswell of support from Muslims in particular when Charles Kennedy bravely opposed the Iraq War. Both candidates acknowledged that the Party is currently in an unfortunate pace, in which there are only eight MPs, all of whom are white men. That means there are gender issues to be confronted. too. But it is the striking way that the LibDems fail to reflect the ethnic diversity of modern Britain at all levels, including membership, that needs to be tackled most urgently. Prominent LibDem politicians such as Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes have often referred to the problem, yet it self-evidently has not been solved (though Simon did establish an excellent relationship with the large African community in his constituency over the 32 years that he represented it). Indeed, it has got worse.

EMLD logo The great irony is that actually Liberal core values of inclusiveness, equality and respect for the individual should all chime in with a multicultural reality. Moreover, the Party has often taken stances on issues such as immigration and the rights of asylum seekers that are more progressive than those of either the Conservatives or Labour. But the predominantly BaME audience at the EMLD hustings was not ready to give either Tim or Norman an easy ride. They were both chided for not doing enough while the Party was in government to prevent the slashing of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s budget (and therefore its staff). Several members expressed frustration that sometimes they feel they are token ethnic members, useful for photographs, but often handicapped when it came to achieving political office. Interestingly, both Tim and Norman, when pressed, came out in favour of positive discrimination as a temporary measure to ensure that some BaME LibDems do get elected, though not all the EMLD members present favoured that. Both men pledged to reach out to diverse communities if they do become Leader, and Norman was able to point to relevant work he had done with regard to mental health and discrimination against ethnic minorities when he was Minister for Health and Social Care. Tim strongest personal narrative is that he does not fit the standard Westminster white male MP’s profile in having been brought up in relative poverty in Lancashire by a determined single mother, which gives him a certain natural empathy for the marginalised of society. Despite the quite rough ride that the two candidates had tonight, both came across as sincere and passionate and determined that whichever one of them wins, racial equality issues, including police stop-and-search and discrimination in the provision of public services, will be one of their prime concerns. Simon Wooley, resolutely non-partisan, acknowledged that and reiterated what many people in this country think: that Britain needs a principled Liberal party and that the Liberal Democrats need to fit for purpose to meet that challenge.


2 Responses to “Tim and Norman Put on the Spot”

  1. Well presented Jonathan, although you forget to mention that we were an immensely hospitable audience.

    As for the Positive Discrimination aspect, this fills some within EMLD with uncertainty for firstly its is illegal, whereas Positive/Affirmative Action is considered as good practice by many and very legal.

    The latter merely seeks to assist those who face unnecessary barriers to recruitment, retention and progression to level the playing field and therefore achieve success on their own merit without the hinderance of institutional blocks and conscious and unconscious biases.

    Although I received some objection I chose Simon Woolley (Operation Black Vote) to chair the hustings exactly because I knew that he would be “resolutely non-partisan”, and also because he has such gravitas within the field of race equality that he would significantly add to the event.

    Overall this was a good event, but as they say “the proof of the pudding…” so I look forward to working with both candidates in the future, for no matter who is elected, the other will rightly remain a key influencer within the leadership of the Party.

    Here are a few of the points that both candidates agreed to:

    1. Support the need for affirmative/positive action to redress the ethnic imbalance within our candidates as well as internal committees etc.
    2. Support the need for equality impact assessing ALL of our policies, procedures and practices.
    3. Support and establish Morrissey II to specifically look at race inequality within the Party.
    4. Support the urgent need for a specific race equality strategy.

    A recording of the event will be available once we have overcome a few technical hiccups via

    Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera
    Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrat (EMLD) – Chair

  2. Graham said

    Well done Jonathan, a great appraisal of a good evening.
    There were no ‘soft questions’ but some genuine tough talking – I hope we have strengthened the party’s resolve, and opened the door for an influx of new members and supporters.

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