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Diplomat of the Year Awards

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 24th April, 2015

imageEvery year Diplomat magazine hosts an awards ceremony championing the work of members of the huge diplomatic corps in London, recently at the Langham Hotel in Portland Place, just opposite the BBC. What makes these awards special is that nominations for the awards — most of which are allocated on a geographical region basis — come from fellow diplomats. Perhaps it is not surprising therefore that the winners tend to receive enthusiastic congratulations from their assembled peers. This week’s awards were no exception. Though the full number is too great to mention individually, it was noticeable how warmly the European laureate, the High Commissioner of Cyprus, was applauded, as was the Ambassador of Honduras (Americas) and the overall winner for the night the multilingual Princess who represents the Kingdom of a Morocco. The only slightly tense moment came when the Ukrainian Embassy winner in the Press category chided Russia for recent events in her country. The Ambassador of Russia, who himself won the Eurasia award was, however, fortunately or diplomatically not present.


One Response to “Diplomat of the Year Awards”

  1. Perhaps the Russian ambassador was in Yerevan.

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