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Why I am Standing for the LibDems’ Federal Executive

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 24th October, 2014

JF speaking at Newham HustingsThe next two years are likely to be a challenging time for the Liberal Democrats, both in the run-up to next May’s general election — when the Party is in danger of losing half its seats, on current poll ratings — and in reconnecting with an electorate that is disenchanted with Westminster politics and in a mood to blame the Liberal Democrats for some of the Conservatives’ harsher policies. We need to develop and communicate a fresh, radical Liberal narrative, as well as championing the real achievements that we have made as part of the Coalition government: raising the tax threshold, bringing in the pupil premium, highlighting mental illness as a health and social care priority, and so on. It’s essential that we have a Federal Executive that is up to the challenges of maintaining morale among members and Party staff, as well as efficiency in delivery, building on the recent welcome increase in membership and asserting the Liberal Democrats’ importance as a vibrant force in local, regional, national and European politics. We also need to boost our human and financial resources, to help level the political playing field. That should help us rebuild our councillor base, develop winnable parliamentary seats for the future and be ready and prepared to reverse our diminished force in the European Parliament in the elections of 2019.

I have served the Party in many ways over the years, as a candidate at local, regional, national and European levels (including being a London borough councillor for a while). I was on the Federal Policy Committee for several years and chaired two of its working parties, and I am currently a member of the International Relations Committee and the delegation to the ALDE Council (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe). I was Chair of London Liberal Democrats 2010-2012. I now feel tat the best way I continue that service would be as a member of the Federal Executive, helping steer the Party through troubled waters. I thus invite those who are able to vote in the Party’s internal elections to give me a high preference on the ballot.


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