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Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician

Torteval Scarecrow Festival

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 5th August, 2013

Visit Guernsey Image Library: Pictures Chris George - Coast MediaBy a happy coincidence, the Quest For Adventure’s morning stopover on Guernsey yesterday coincided with the annual Scarecrow Festival in the parish of Torteval. So while many of the passengers went off to visit the Occupation Museum and Underground Hospital, following my lecture the day before on Guernsey under Occupation, I accompanied my cousins — who live in St. Peter’s Port — on a walk round the lanes and pathways along which boh householders and busineses had set out their scarecrows, all of which are entered into a competition. I was impressed by one depicting Little Mis Muffit, with a giant spider hovering from a web nearby, and another comprised of a group of motorcross scarecrows on bikes. But by far the cleverest was one that showed a rural man who had switched to new communications technology, each element of which was punningly represented in the montage (e.g. apples hanging from his mlackintosh, a piece of log on a net). It was fortunate that we were literally the first people to start the walk, at 10am, as by the time we finished the circuit a little over an hour later there were big crowds, and a long aueue at the ticket desk by the church where the route started. This pro,ptness also meant my cousings and I zere able to enjoy a Guernsey crab lunch at their home, washed down zith a dry rosé wine,before I had to return to the ship and sailed off for Britanny.


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