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Royal Baby Yawn

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 21st July, 2013

royal babyDuhess of CambridgeNewspaper billboards in London proclaim “Royal Baby Frenzy!”, but apart from the bevvy of now rather tired journalists camped outside the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is waiting to give birth to her overdue infant, who really cares? Not a single person has mentioned the subject to me, and I turn over related stories in the Press with a yawn. Of course I wish Kate an easy and successful delivery and hope the royal pair are happy with the outcome, boy or girl. I enjoyed watching their wedding on TV, as Britain does such spectacles so well and the two lead actors were perfect in their roles. But the birth of a baby? Not the same. OK, in principle he or she will one day far in the future become Britain’s monarch, not that I or the vast majority of Britain’s population alive today will be around to see it. Will we indeed still have a monarchy in the late 21st century? And if so, will it be more than a bit of window-dressing, drawing in the tourists? I am a very weak monarchist, only on the Hilaire Belloc principle: always keep a-hold of Nurse, for fear of finding something worse — which in this case would be an elected president. I sometimes have the nightmare that someone like Tony Blair could become president, which would be a further nail in the coffin of Britain’s parliamentary democracy and cabinet government. So maybe a constitutional monarch with no real powers is better. Besides, like most Brits I think Queen Elizabeth has done a grand job and continues doing so. Will Charles live up to that standard, if he ever takes over? Let me not prejudge. But remember that in theory there will be King Charles III and then King William V before the imminent baby takes the throne. I view that prospect with mild curiosity. But frenzy? No way!

One Response to “Royal Baby Yawn”

  1. It is worrying that the young lady (and I would be concerned even if she had not married into royalty) has not been delivered so long after being admitted to hospital. It is folk wisdom that hot weather brings babies on and it has been over a week since the present spell started.

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