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Spain (NOW!) 2012

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 18th September, 2012

‘Some might say that the current international climate is not conducive to creativity,’ says Teresa Lizaranzu Perinat, Director General for Cultural Policy, Industries and the Book at Spain’s Secretariat of State for Culture, who was in London today for the launch of Spain (NOW!), the fourth annual season of contemporary arts and culture from Spain. ‘On the contrary, we firmly believe in the need to continue our support of culture as an important means towards better mutual understanding and collaboration between Spain and the UK, highlighting the more diverse and cutting edge aspects of our culture.’ The season will run from September through December and boasts the most ambitious programme so far. The events, as well as the venues in which they will take place, are deliberately eclectic, ranging from dance to music to drawing to gastronomy. Not all the people performing are Spanish nationals though all pf them work in Spain. Particularly noteworthy, according to Spain NOW!’s founder-director, Antonio Molina-Vazquez, are ‘the harrowing En Tierra de Silencio, a contemporary dance piece by Camille Hanson Company, the stupendous Avatara Ayuso in a unique collaboration with visual artist Antonio R. Montesinos and DJ bRUNA, and the comprehensive exhibition of contmporary Spanish drawing Nulla Dies Sine Linea.’ I wrote an introductory article about the season (Antonio Molina eschews the word ‘festival’) for the EU Commission’s London office cultural website: and you can full details of the programme on the website


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