Jonathan Fryer

Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician

UNCTAD Comes to Doha

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 15th April, 2012

Next week, the futuristic Qatar National Convention Centre will be hosting the 13th quadrennial gathering of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development — the first time such an UNCTAD event has ever taken place in an Arab country. The theme of the conference is “Development-centred Globalisation: Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Development” and a Civil Society forum, bringing together non-governmental organisations of all kinds from around the world, will run in parallel, as has recently been the practice at such international conventions. Qatar has the honour of having the highest per capita GDP of any country on earth: now breaking the US$100,000 per annum barrier. Thanks to its wealth, despite its small population the Gulf state has been able to punch way above its weight. Moreover, under Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, Qatar has pursued a unique path in global diplomacy, sponsoring all sorts of international initiatives, unafraid to align itself with some of the Arab Spring movements in North Africa and the Middle East (including in Syria), while at the same time positioning itself as a global venue for events and conferences. It is currently following up its successful football World Cup bid with an ambitious campaign to try to get the 2020 Olympics sited in Doha, though if the Olympics & Paralympics bid is successful these would be held in October/November 2020, rather than during summer, for important climate considerations. Attracting UNCTAD, meanwhile, is a definite coup and is likely to help forge new relationships between Qatar (and the wider Gulf) and emerging economies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The world is a significantly different place from that when UNCTAD was set up in 1964. It’s not just that the East-West divide betwen Communist and capitalist states has evapourated, the North-South divide betwen rich and poor countries is no longer so clear-cut, with even many sub-Saharan African countries now enjoying bouyant economic growth. Of course, UNCTAD XIII in Doha will have to take into acount some of the fallout of the global economic crisis. But it won’t only be the host Qatar that will be feeling in a much more optimistic mood than is evident in most of Europe and North America. Moreover, of all the UN institutions, UNCTAD remains one of the most idealistic, as reflected in a comment from its Special Advisor, Kobsak Chutkul, reported in today’s Qatari Press, “Qatar is bringing everyone, from all sectors of society, from all countries around the world, under one roof, under one big tent of humanity!”


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