Jonathan Fryer

Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician

LibDem Activists Need to Relax Too, Sometimes

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 10th February, 2012

Liberal Democrat local parties are often good at organising events: Pizza and Politics (with a guest speaker), fundraising dinners, or thank-you parties after election campaigns and the like. But it’s rare that they just organise something for members and helpers without any ulterior motive. So hats off to Islington local party for putting on a New Year (!) get-together at Ursula and Caspar Wooley’s home near Archway this evening, just for councillors, activists and foot-soldiers to eat, drink and be merry, socialising and relaxing. This is in itself very important, as any company would tell you. It’s not just about bonding one-to-one but team-building, but without any pressure. It was good to see several new Islington local members and helpers present; this kind of social is probably the best way to ‘induct’ them, rather than confronting them with a Cabinet Minister, or thrusting a huge pile of leaflets in their hands to take away, or (as still does happen sometimes) twisting their arm to become Social Secretary or take on some other Executive post. Human beings are social animals, at least most of us — even (and maybe especially) politicians. But too often, in our desire to win Council seats or boost the local party’s bank balance, we forget the importance of just socialising, which is why some potential activists — and even old hands — run away.



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