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Germany’s Despair at Cameron

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 13th December, 2011

When Angela Merkel met David Cameron 10 days ago, she told him, ‘I want to help you!’ She understood that he had problems with his Europhobic backbenchers and was offering to work with him quietly to help sort out some way that last week’s EU summit in Brussels could help find a structure in which to strengthen the euro (and the eurozone with it) while meeting some of Britain’s particular concerns. But instead of welcoming this offer, when the summit’s opening dinner went on well into the night, the British Prime Minister threw his toys out of the pram, actually jeopardising Britain’s best interests in the process. He had of course already marginalised his party from the European mainstream by pulling it out of the EPP — to which Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and many of the EU’s other big hitters belong — so he wasn’t even present at the crucial EPP Leaders’ pre-meeting in Marseilles, or even properly plugged in to what was happening on the Continent in recent weeks. The Germans were aghast at his behaviour, I am reliably informed from the highest source — and not especially delighted that this allowed Sarkozy to prance around crowing like a cockerel ruling the roost. Nonetheless, the Germans have decided to keep schtum, as they believe that openly attacking Cameron would only make matters worse. They will remain silent while praying that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats manage to row the Coalition Government at least a little way back from the disastrous place that Cameron has landed us in. German banks based in the City are horrified by the way things are going; far from helping the City of London, they say, the PM risks undermining it. And a final comment from my high-level source from Berlin (with which I can only concur): ‘Those politicians and newspapers in Britain who describe themselves as Eurosceptics are not sceptical at all. Scepticism implies a healthy determination not to accept something until one has examined it thoroughly. They are actually Europhobes, who blatantly ignore or distort the truth unless it happens to fit in with their own prejudices.’

2 Responses to “Germany’s Despair at Cameron”

  1. Dhyan Z. Azlet said

    I seem unable to get any respones via your FAcebook page Jonathan. So here I am.I see you are a Quaker. So am I. Hello Jonathan. I see no one else seems to post on your page – or do they get deleted? Here is my problem: This is addressed to anyone (but more especially yourself), who CARES about democracy and freedom and who is worth their SALT in politics. Are there any worthy people involved in politics at all now?
    Can you tell me why it might be that the MAIN Liberal Democrat facebook page is behaving so cavalierly regarding Blocking individuals from posting challenging material? Can you tell me if this is just a blip due to the current administrator –or whether it is reflective of y…our Party’s inability to rise up and meet the challenge of political debate? I have heard from many pos…ters that they have been blocked for spurious reasons – and this is with far more frequency than ANY OTHER POLITICAL FACEBOOK PAGE. Does this concern you? And if not, why not? This phenomenon regarding the LibDems is very troubling. It seems people are being blocked for WEEKS with no explanation, and when an explanation is sought, the offered justification is usually very unconvincing. Is this kind of censorship typical of the Libdems now? Have they really descended into such depths of reactivity that their capacity to offer any democratic leadership is acutely questionable, if not a fool’s expectation? If someone can sort this out for me I would be grateful. It would be heartening if there is someone out there who claims to be truly ‘Liberal’ and ‘Democratic’ who can demonstrate that they mean what they say..? I can contact fellow posters to discover more details if you like – —-rather than your having to depend on the admin there…..?

  2. jonathanfryer said

    Hi Dhyan,

    I’m puzzled why your messages to me via Facebook haven’t got through; in future an email to is maybe a surer route.

    The main place for online debate within the Party is LibDem Voice, rather than the LD Facebook page. If you’re not yet signed up to it, I would recommend you do so:

    It’s free, of course, and often has very frank and critical discussion, which I think is what you’re looking for.

    Best wishes,


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