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Syria’s Agony

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 1st August, 2011

The murderous crackdown against protestors taking place in Syria is a scandal of global proportions. Bashar al-Assad and his clique have lost any legitimacy to rule over the country and deserve to be arraigned in front of the ICC. It was thought that bloody massacres were a thing of the past (viz Hama in 1982), but now they are happening again before our eyes. These days, we know more about such terrible events because even if foreign media are being kept out, enough information and chilling YouTube footage is getting out of the country. The leaders of Russia and China, who have so far refused to countenance any strong condemnatory stance by the United Nations Security Council should be forced to sit and watch the pictures of killed and maimed civilians (including children) non-stop, hour after hour. The West has spoken out strongly, including Britain, but words are not enough. I agree with those who say it would be disastrous to try any sort of military intervention (even if enough countries were prepared to take part in it). The whole region could go up in flames. But there are much tougher sanctions that could be put in place and the message has got to get across to al-Assad and the whole tyrranical regime: Your time is up!

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