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File on 4 Wins 2011 UACES Reporting Europe Prize

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 4th May, 2011

The annual UACES* Prize recognising good British journalism about European affairs seems to be attracting an ever stronger list of nominees. This year’s shortlist included Tony Barber of the Financial Times for his series of articles on Saving the euro, Btonwen Maddox of Prospect Magazine for her piece on How the Greeks Broke Europe and Ian Traynor of the Guardian for a series on the Far Right and Immigration in Europe. But the prize was awarded to Gail Champion and Angus Stickler of BBC Radio 4 and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for their File on 4 documentary on Europe’s Missing Millions. This was a fairly hard-hitting exposé of corruption within the EU structural funds system, notably involving the Mafia in Italy — which shows that UACES and the distinguished panel of judges don’t always favour Europhile stories. For the fourth year running, the awards ceremony was hosted by Thomson Reuters at their Canary Wharf  headquarters and as ever it was a brilliant networking opportunity for those of us who spend a lot of time discussing EU issues, either as academics or as journalists or as both.

*UACES = University Association for Contemporary European Studies



4 Responses to “File on 4 Wins 2011 UACES Reporting Europe Prize”

  1. Heather Williams said

    Wasn’t the winner Gail Champion – not Gail Chapman?

  2. jonathanfryer said

    Thanks for the correction, Heather. I got Gail’s name right in the tag but for some reason typed ‘Chapman’ in the text!

  3. Heather Williams said

    Thanks Jonathan, easily done.


  4. Emily Linnemann said

    Hi Jonathan,

    Glad you enjoyed the ceremony. If anyone is interested in the prize and finding out more about all the shortlisted nominees we now have a dedicated website:!

    Emily, UACES

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