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Brian Paddick, Thai Style

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 11th April, 2011

Being in Coalition with the Conservatives is not always proving easy for Liberal Democrats — and many of them would doubtless say the same about the partnership with us. But as Brian Paddick told the inaugural Haringey Liberal Democrats Supper Club at a Thai restaurant in Hornsey this evening, things would be worse if the Tories were governing on their own. Brian has been doing the round of TV and radio studios over the past few weeks, talking mainly about the phone hacking scandal relating to News International titles, notably the News of the World. He was a victim himself. But he suspects many other news organisations have been guilty of underhand surveillance techniques as well, with a few notable exceptions, such as the Guardian. Brian saved much of his fire for the subject of policing reforms, however. He is concerned at the idea that in London the Metropolitan Police would be accountable to one single elected person, the Mayor — or, if Boris or any successor decided this was not something he wished to do, an unelected person whom he could appoint. This does not sound at all desirable. But there are many other things that Brian would also like to see tweeked in policing, now he he is no longer a senior officer himself — though I can’t imagine his proposal that senior officers should give up their cars and drviers would be greeted with much enthusiasm within the Force.



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  1. […] Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva briefs the foreign media at Government House, Bangkok – 29 May 2010. The national media often has little bite here and the prime minister commands great respect from the station of his office, but the foreign press are less forgiving and the questions fly sharp and fast. Abhisit’s wholly capable of the task though, he swats away the difficult questions with relative ease, answering a question with another question as is a politician’s trademark, he’s well rehearsed and well prepared, today he won’t be flying down any blind alleyways. Behind the immaculate suit, the jet-black hair and the dark eyes, he looks tired, the last few months would have taken their toll on anyone and in fractious Thailand he has had to fight fires on all sides. The Reds swept into the city demanding nothing less than his removal from the country’s top job, his “softly softly” strategy was roundly criticised by the right, they demanded decisive action to clear the protestors’ camps and if he couldn’t offer it they suggested he go, while the approach of giving more and more rope at the same time made the Red Shirts feel more and more invincible. His relationship with the soon-to-retire Army Chief Anupong Paochinda was difficult, laid bare by the awkward body language seen between these two key players in one TV appearance, while he is fighting on yet another front as his Democrat Party could face dissolution after a severe ruling by the Electoral Commission … […]

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