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The US in Global Decline

Posted by jonathanfryer on Saturday, 19th February, 2011

The decision by the Obama administration to veto a UN Security Council resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank — a resolution that every other Council member, including Britain, had backed — is a telling confirmation that Washington has lost the plot. It seems blind to what is happening across North Africa and the Middle East, being behind the curve with people’s movements there, and increasingly being seen by the Arab world as trapped in its determination to act accordingly to what is best for the Israel government and its colonial policies. But Washington is not only ever more isolated on the international stage. It is showing itself to be increasingly impotent, while still acting as if it were the undisputed Leader of the World. Instead of building alliances with other countries — especially the emerging economies, including Brazil, China and China — it is alienating them. Moreover, the ultimate irony is that by doing nothing concrete to prevent Israel for continuing to annex not just East Jerusalem but ever larger pockets of the West Bank, the US is helping make a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine impossible. And any future single country of Israel-Palestine would have to be secular and multi-cultural, which would mean an end to any Jewish state, forever.


One Response to “The US in Global Decline”

  1. Joe said

    Nations chhose to fail, and his world view actually rationalizes the virtues of such a choice. In fact his world view includes using plastering the name of his de-facto-campaign website address at a governmental function directed to international affairs issues viewed by people who don’t vote in the US.

    So it looks like the election-sentiment dictum is still true: non-Americans who most hate America or are tyrannical in nature enough to think that their world view should be imposed in some way on Americans from without – are the most likely to love Barack Obama.

    The corelation is direct, and has been consistent since Obama ran for President. They European outlook places very little importance on the repect for others’ sovereignty, despite the fact that they aren’t voters or stakeholders in the United States in any significate or politically ligitimate way – so expect this attitide to remain fixed until they realize that America’s losses are not some sort of affirmation or emotional vicory, but an abject failure to respect Europe’s only real friend in the world (for the purposes of anything other than lip service and stroking the collective European ego).

    Americans, on the other hand, get nothing from our superior European lesson-givers other than passive-aggression, retrograde cultural insults from the last century, expressions of adolescent impotent rage, qualified statements signifying nothing but delaying tactics, and governments that can’t keep the promises that they make.

    In short, Europe is an albatross around the world’s neck. It is one that believe that the middle-minded opinions and good intentions of repurposed NGO press releases is some sort of precious lesson that the world would be without were it not for them and their intransigance in everything from negotiating with Iran for nearly a decade, to selling weapons to any and all comers, to the inability to logistically dispense humanitarian relief, to indulging despots in the name of contracts and Chamberlain-esque notions of peace.

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