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Caroline Pidgeon Goes Thai in Brockley

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 18th January, 2011

Tonight was the not the first time LibDem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon has spoken to a Lewisham party dinner, though in the old days these extremely convivial evnings were known as the Blackheath Supper Club and did indeed migrate around the many good and exotic restaurants of the northern part of the borough. But this evening we were down in Brockley, for a Thai meal at which Caroline put a discreet stiletto into Mayor Boris Johnson in absentia. She is the lead person on transport, which is perhaps the most important single brief within the GLA and ceratainly the subject that gets most people agitated. The shock-horror news of this evening’s presentation was that many millions of pounds have been wasted — notably at Shepherd’s Bush tube station — introducing accessibility (i.e. lifts), to no effect, as the shafts are non-functional. Similarly, Boris made a great hoo-ha about replacing bendy buses with his new style Routemasters, but the latter will be few in number and horrendously costly. Moreover, their back open platform will only function off-peak. Boo-hiss. Caroline will be leading the LibDem team in next year’s GLA elections and a good thing too. She has proved a bit hit in London and continues to provide a service which ought to be apreciated by far more than those who actually vote for her and the party.


One Response to “Caroline Pidgeon Goes Thai in Brockley”

  1. John Oakes said

    That’s a fair point in your last sentence, which could equally be applied to the Liberal Democrats nationally. What do you reckon is the remedy, Johnathan ?

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