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Simon Hughes Backs JohnG4Mayor

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 26th September, 2010

The recently-formed Tower Hamlets Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats hosted a successful Eid event at the Spifford Centre in Stepney Green this afternoon to help John Griffiths’ campaign to become the borough’s first directly-elected Mayor. The guest speaker was the Liberal Democrats’ Deputy Leader, Simon Hughes MP, who has often crossed the Thames from his home base in Southwark to support Tower Hamlets LibDems. He gave strong backing to Ajmal Masroor in Bethnal Green & Bow at the general election in May, when Ajmal took the LibDems up from fourth to second place. It was good to see an excellent turnout of local Bengalis this evening to cheer on John’s campaign. The Mayoral election has been turned on its head by the utter disarray of Labour, which has now split into two factions, one supporting the ‘official’ Labour candidate, Helal Abbas, imposed by the national party, in defiance of the local members’ ballot, and the ‘independent’ Labour candidate, Lutfur Rahman, who was the man deselected. Up to nine Labour Councillors are thought to be siding with Mr Rahman, which may well mean that all are expelled from the party. John Griffiths has the advantage of not only being Mr Clean in the murky politics of Tower Hamlets but of also having served as a local councillor and being a community champion — a message he was putting across to the Bengali-language media who turned up for today’s event.

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