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Liberal Democrats Abroad

Posted by jonathanfryer on Thursday, 23rd September, 2010

I have long thought it odd that the UK Liberal Democrats haven’t had branches overseas, given the number of liberal-mided expatriates there are. The one exception has been the Brussels and Luxemboug local party, which found fertile recruiting ground amongst Eurocrats and Europhiles and which often organises good events (including for visiting LibDem politicians from Britain), as well as raising funds for election campaigns. The (US) Democrats Abroad, for example, is a formidable operation, which in many ways the LibDems could long have emulated. But at last the lacuna has been filled, with the launch today of Liberal Democrats Abroad, a network that will be coordinated out of the International Office of the party at 4, Cowley Street, London SW1P 3NB. Hong Kong looks like being one early branch, but I supect Spain, Portugal and other retirement havens may prove fruitful, as well as busy international centres such as Paris, Frankfurt and New York. The contact for the new network is .


3 Responses to “Liberal Democrats Abroad”

  1. Ian said

    Good.Lets hope the Coalition can extend the voting rights of Britons living overseas.

    • just pointing out. A) there was a chanel 4 docuetry quite a while a go asking “Where is middle-England?” and they basically concluded that they were in the Costas. B) these people already have the right to vote. unforunatly a tory had beaten us to it and was been inteviewed on TRE FM by Mark Bowland (no comment!) on how brits are very much entitled to vote and how they could find out on

      PS, Hello everyone, I’m jonathan, avid limdem supportter and volenteer! helping Phil Willis, Clair kelly and Trevor Alisson.

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