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Remembering Eden Mulliner

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 21st September, 2010

Eden Mulliner, Romford stalwart of Havering Liberal Democrats, was a larger-than-life character in every sense. Her physical presence was imposing, accentuated by striking looks which she attributed to Cherokee roots on her paternal side. She was a teacher by vocation — notably in adult education, building the self-confidence and abilities of people who were often coping with some difficulty with the world — but she was also passionate about politics and the Arts. She succombed recently to cancer, aged just 46, and many of the loving friends and colleagues who joined her family at her funeral service at the exquisite Art Nouveau Church of St Mary the Virgin at Great Warley in South Essex this afternoon were amazed to discover that she was a sensitive water-colourist of rural idylls, as well as a trenchant critic of plays, films and other entertainments that she attended. In her dress she favoured bright colours, OTT shoes and flaboyant handbags, and she built up a wicked collection of fridge magnets. She was someone who was sweet and generous, but also quite ready to call a spade a f***ing shovel, when needs be. She married her secondary school sweetheart Graham and was, in the words of her two children, the rock in the family. I knew her for many years, but my abiding memory of her will be of our going out to Rainham Marshes on a rainy day during one European election campaign. We stopped the car in the midde of nowhere, in the forlorn hope of getting some suitable pictures, but a very bedraggled mongrel dog clambered in when I opened the door. The poor creature had obviously been dumped in the marshes by some callous owner and had been living off grass and waste for some time, as the bitch’s spittle was green and she farted and burped all the way to the animal shelter we drove her to. No photos were taken that day, of course, but Eden was someone who knew how to prioritise.


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