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Linda Wade Seizes Earl’s Court for LibDems

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 17th September, 2010

Local Liberal Democrat campaigner Linda Wade has scored a stunning triumph in Earl’s Court Ward, Kensington & Chelsea, comfortably taking a seat off the Conservatives in a byelection held yesterday. This is the first time in the history of the Royal Borough that this ward has been Liberal/Liberal Democrat-held. Indeed, until last year, no Liberal Democrat had ever been elected to the Council, though that ‘nuls points’ record was broken by Carol Caruana in a by-election last summer in Colville ward, and in May this year, Carol was joined by Cllr Tim Jones. This further breakthrough is a tremendous tribute not only to Linda Wade’s record of work in the community but also to the brilliant campaign master-minded by Kensington’s LibDem PPC (and Vice-Chairman of London Region Liberal Democrats) Robin Meltzer. ‘Team London’, London Liberal Democrats’ new campaigning task force, swung into action behind longstanding local activists and the campaign was carried out with positively military precision. This is a wonderful development in the run up to the Liberal Democrats’ autumn conference, which opens in Liverpool on Saturday. And it just goes to prove the old addage: it’s the votes in the ballot box that count, not opinion polls!

Result: Linda Wade (LD) 703, Con 594, Lab 151, Ind 47, Ind 29, Grn 26, UKIP 18, majority 107, swing 17% Con to LibDem



5 Responses to “Linda Wade Seizes Earl’s Court for LibDems”

  1. Outstanding!!

  2. We stuffed them!

  3. Mark Pack said

    Excellent result!

  4. Shane Hoffman said

    You worked hard for it and therefore deserved it.

  5. Arshad & Zahida Jawed said

    Congratulations. You truly deserve this win.

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