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Inter-Religious Council at the United Nations

Posted by jonathanfryer on Thursday, 2nd September, 2010

The Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, Moon Hyung-Jin, has been in London this week, on his first ever visit to the UK, promoting the idea of an Inter-Religious Council at the United Nations. The idea was first mooted 10 years ago by his father, Moon Sun-Myung, head of the Unification Church — a body that has often had very hostile Press, in this country and elsewhere, though its work in peace-building and development in some of the poorest countries on earth is often admirable. A good cross-section of leaders of other religious faiths turned up at Portcullis House in Westminster to meet the younger Rev Moon, who has his own congregation of 4,000 in Seoul, though spent much of his life so far in New York. A soft-spoken, modest man in a simple white round-necked shirt, he argued that the United Nations should have a parental role in the world and that politicians are lost without some sort of spiritual guidance. His message was endorsed by a number of speakers of different religions, including Marcus Braybrooke, President of the World Council of Faiths, who pointed out that although legislation in countries such as Britain has its role in countering disrimination, education against misunderstanding is essential.



9 Responses to “Inter-Religious Council at the United Nations”

  1. Tubby said


    Lets not beat around the bush here.

    The UPF is the main front of Moon’s grand scam to seduce the planet. It is to bring about Moon’s Kingdom, which the UPF calls “Cheon Il Guk,” that is, when they aren’t trying to sucker people or when they think you will not ask for the details.

    “Interfaith” is spin, or I should say, hogwash. In the real world it is called “theocracy” which is Moon’s long standing goal for the world. Look it up. Anything he or his minions may say otherwise is bunk. Moon made it clear when he started pushing this idea that in his vision the UN would have two bodies with the superior body being made up of religious leaders with the head of the UN coming from the same theocratic body. He has since tempered his goals to fit what he can pull off adding things like “cultural” leaders, but theocracy is the grand plan. He said this was his goal many times. If the UN won’t do it then the UPF is to serve in that capacity – as the “Abel UN” – its strength will be based on how many he can get to go along. Looks like he hooked some good ones here.

    The plan is to have the religious heading UN and those same religious being under his organizations influence through fronts like the UPF. At the beginning, before he called it the UPF, Moon even proposed that his front, then called the IIFWP(look it up), serve as the “senate” for his theocratic dream.

    Did young Moon mention that he is now on a campaign to get the UC to stop hiding behind front group names like the UPF?

    Yes, he even said bluntly that ALL front groups like the UPF, the WFWP and the rest have only one main purpose, to promote Moon as the messiah. Did he mention this to you? Was he honest and tell you that was what your meeting was ultimately all about? Moon’s youngest also said another thing recently, that Jesus, Mohammed(PBUH) and all past saints and sages bow before Sun Myung Moon. Did he mention that to the good “Christians” in attendance? Did he mention they teach that Jesus now serves Moon’s dead son in heaven?

    Did they get you to drink the Holy Wine they often pull out during these events? If so, did they tell you it was a main Moon ritual to tie you to Moon’s “pure” lineage?

    Amazing how fast people will chunk their souls in the fire when a group uses “peace” as the hook.

    You ever study the Moon organization? They received bad press because they richly deserved it.

    How can they afford all this? They make much of their money swindling widows in Japan, the place they fully acknowledge has been the source of their cash for decades. There are over a billion dollars in claims against the UC for these scams. The UC has paid out hundreds of millions to settle some of these claims but the claims continue to be filed since the UC keeps swindling. This is attested to by the ongoing arrests of their members in Japan, where the highest courts have ruled the UC itself responsible.

    Pull your head out of the sand.

    Scroll down at this next link for the “US Government Investigations” and read the pdf found there. As a journalist, I am sure you would like to be better informed on what you are writing about.


  2. Ian said

    This idea really comes from the United Religions.

    The United Religions Initiative exists to promote peace and understanding among the people of the world.

  3. Harry P.Rogers said

    Dear Tubby,

    In reading your response to the visit of Moon,Hyung-jin what comes to mind is a failure to understand and feel the heart of God,the great saints and Jesus the Christ.The idea of peace belongs to the author yet it requires of man to carry it out.Man is most fundamentally a spirit(ual) being.Thus the solution of a peaceful world lies in the heart(motivation)of each person.The function of all religions from the most basic to those of higher understanding is to educate and reconnect all of us back to the good of God.Each individual is entitled to see and/or find the peace of God substantially.Thus the solution lies in the internal journey of religion that shows that the building block of world peace lies in the good character within,to good families,good business,good government,a peace loving world.Each is entitled to this as is Rev.Moon,Sun Myung and he is sharing his experience and insight and advocating this on a world level as the need for a council of world religious leaders in the U.N.Thus he can be seen as a man of world vision not for his own sake.As was recorded of Jesus’s teachings:Blessed are the pure in heart.This is not just a Christian slogan but a reality of character.The character of such men of vision was put down and opposed and even lead to assasination:Abraham(his family)Moses(the Pharoah),Jesus(the religious establishment)Mohammed(the town of Mecca)Martin Luther(the Catholic church)Martin Luther King(the white race)Rev.Moon(the international press and others).These are not the bogeymen of history!Rev.Moon needs to be viewed not with fear and loathing and a even conscience is needed.Might I suggest with a prayerful heart and mind you study the teachings of Rev.Moon and see the value of such a religious leader.If not already obtain a copy of the boigraphy of Rev.S.M.Moon and also the World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon.Please see the good of each individual.All of the above where falsely accused yet the vision of each proved otherwise.

    Shalom,Salim Halikim,Peace.
    Harry P.Rogers

  4. tubby said

    A lot of people have had lots of “ideas” over the years and no one is saying that there should not be dialogue.

    Is it the URI’s “idea” to have the religious rule the world via their organization or a UN that plays along? Does the URI claim to be speaking for G-d? No one is saying the UN couldn’t use reform, it’s what reform and under whose direction that is the question. Correct me if I am wrong, but is the URI “idea” to have dialogue through a separate and superior religious body within the UN structure and have this “religious body” govern the world under URI’s influence while claiming that they speak for G-d? Like I said, the Moon movement has tempered the “outside view” but that is the dream plan as stated by Moon many times.

    Really, does the URI want a world theocracy under its leaders direction while claiming that this body is G-d telling the world what to do through them? Moon may have first articulated his “idea” forcefully, publicly in the 90s but he has been talking about remaking the UN under the direction of his organization since at least the 70s.

    Quoting Moon from Time Magazine – June 14, 1976:
    “The present U.N. must be annihilated by our power. That is the stage for the Communists. We must make a new U.N.”

    If you really look at what Moon has proposed going back decades you will find that this isn’t about “dialogue,” that’s another Moon org ruse. Ultimately Moon’s “idea,” no matter what his followers, who often either don’t know, won’t admit or mention the real agenda, may say, this is about a world run under Moon’s movement and ideology. Keep in mind, when Moon says “G-d’s will” he means his will. He sees himself, and his organization through him, as the arbiter of G-d’s will. His megalomania is so complete, he not only claims to be G-d’s equal, G-d incarnate, but has said that G-d sees Himself as sinner before him.

    Does the URI propose their “idea” at events during which they have people participate in their rituals like the Moon orgs “Holy wine” ceremony that they claim tie people to the true olive tree, that sends them on the road to being saved by the “Messiah” and ultimately subjugate themselves under his organization’s direction?

    Seriously, Moon’s org would like people to think his “idea” is not very different from URIs but that is just beyond silly.

    Moon’s son has talked about how they have had many people quit working with their fronts over the years because they were not honest in telling them the real purpose of the organizations which is always, ultimately, to promote Moon as the messiah. He’s admitting they operate using deception.

    Here are a couple of the findings from the 70s congressional investigation into the Moon organization – see my previous post for directions to find a long excerpt of the report:

    (1) The UC and numerous other religious and secular organizations headed by Sun Myung Moon constitute essentially one international organization. This organization depends heavily upon the interchangeability of its components and upon its ability to move personnel and financial assets freely across international boundaries and between businesses and nonprofit organizations.

    (2) The Moon Organization attempts to achieve goals outlined by Sun Myung Moon, who has substantial control over the economic, political, and spiritual activities undertaken by the organization in pursuit of those goals.

    (3) Among the goals of the Moon Organization is the establishment of a worldwide government in which the separation of church and state would be abolished and which would be governed by Moon and his followers. – end quote

    If you work with Moon’s fronts, whether you know it or not, whether you intend it or not, you are promoting, supporting and lending your credibility to the promotion of Moon as the messiah. Lie to yourself if you wish, it doesn’t change the reality of that.

  5. Ian said

    The URI is very much a grassroots organisation founded by the Rev William Swing.
    I first came across the Unification Church in 1972. I was given a leaflet by one of its adherents which expressed admiration for the British Empire and named Baden-Powell as one if God’s messengers.
    In 1983 I met its Bangkok members and was struck by its virulent anti-Communism.
    New religious cults can become respectable once they become established.It is best to keep an open mind.

  6. tubby said

    “The URI is very much a grassroots organization founded by the Rev William Swing.”

    You didn’t address any of my real important questions as to the differences between the two groups.

    My only problem with interfaith dialogue is who is doing the dialoguing and what is their real intentions. The young Moon has admitted, in so many words, that the UC lies to people and cons them into participating with them. They deceive someone into participating then tell everyone “look at who is helping us” – the whole movement is based on deception and funded in no small part by swindling widows, it is disgusting on many levels.

    Moon is no more “anti-communist” than Mao. He is “anti” any country or person who won’t play ball with him. He brags about passing on technology to China and does the same for North Korea, a nation he has funded with hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. Please don’t feed me the bs about how he is just showing “true love” for NK. That is hogwash. They are now giving special training to followers who they intend to use to flood NK and swindle them out of their souls/lives when and if NK and SK unite – then use those poor NK souls to flood the world.

    Moon uses anti-communism as hook like the John Birchers.

    Moon is also anti “American style democracy” but you didn’t mention that.

    Frankly, you didn’t face any of the important things I said in my posts.

    I guess it was just anti-communism that led Moon to fund and help prop up all those fascist torturing dictators in South America like Stroessner in Paraguay, also.

    So, we are supposed to just forget all the criminal and disgusting things the UC has done because they are just growing, this is the spin? After all, the Catholics have done bad things? So the Moon movement should be allowed all the “mistakes” they can make? WRONG! The Moon movement has a living “messiah” that hashis finger on everything they do which makes it absurd to say they ought to be let off the hook for decades of deception and swindling. He could have stopped it just like he could have stopped that fellow Moon believed was possessed with his dead son’s spirit. You know, the same dead son Moon claims Jesus serves in the afterlife. Moon could have stopped this “possessed” man when he went around the world beating the members senseless. Search “Cleopas Moon”. Yeah, Moon is the messiah, that is what any good messiah would do, let his followers be beaten by some lunatic. Now you will tell me how “Father” just didn’t know how bad it was. Hogwash. Nansook described how Moon relished reports of particularly hard blows. Sad mentality Moon nurtures. I heard one follower say he wore Moon’s son, Hyo Jin’s spit with honor.

    Do you think if Jesus were a alive today He would have swindled widows to fund his movement? Do you think he would have propped torturing dictators?

  7. tubby said

    “Might I suggest with a prayerful heart and mind you study the teachings of Rev.Moon and see the value of such a religious leader”

    Thank you for your well meaning post. However, thankfully, G-d has blessed me with enough basic discernment to tell a skunk when I see one, I don’t have to smell it. I know it is the way members like to approach this, “if only you would give yourself to Moon long enough you would understand.” I don’t have to pray to see what Moon is. Thankfully G-d has blessed me with more sense than that and I don’t use prayer as a way to psyche myself into something I plainly should not buy into as Moon’s followers do.

    But thanks for pointing to one of Moon’s favorite parlor tricks. When confronted with the evidence of how he is a Biblical fraud,(Jesus’ warning about false messiahs for instance) Moon tells people to “pray that you have a dream” that tells you he is the messiah. Well, anyone who studies dreams will tell you two things. One is that just because you dream something doesn’t make it so. Second, you can concentrate on a bag of garbage and then dream about it. It is technique lucid dreamers have documented works many times. I have done it. Of course anyone who has been told to pray about something as important as who is the messiah is more likely to have a dream they will interpret as such.

    I thank God that He gave me enough BASIC discernment to sees such an obvious con without having to go into prayer.

    A couple of years ago they were saying that Moon’s son, Hyun Jin, was “manifesting the Holy Ghost” as he led the UPF and the “One Family Under God” technique of the movement. All the “praying” ministers just thought he was the bees knees doing the work of his Father and God. If Jon has been around long enough I am sure he too was “impressed” by him.

    Look at this.

    Those are UC leaders in Brazil Hyun Jin is “talking” to…that is a Moon “peace” message he is interrupting to beat on those church leaders.

    Notice how no one stood up and stopped him? This isn’t new. Hyun Jin said he thought what Cleopas was doing was good and no one stood up to him then. Nothing new at all. search “Folzenlogen Hyun jin” for more “Moon family values.”

    Moon nurtures a sad, subservient mentality. When his kids have died do you believe it was the members fault they died? Like Moon says?

    No thanks, I have no desire to subjugate myself to an organization that uses violence, admits it is deceptive and swindles widows for cash.

  8. Ian said

    I have nothing to do with the Unification Church.
    My point is that interfaith dialogue is best done through the URI which has no hidden agenda.

  9. tubby said

    Ian, thanks for clarifying that.

    Should note that URI was compromised by the Moon organization years ago. One of the Moon orgs favorite hooks/tactics is to appeal to the ego, that is why they hand out “Ambassador For Peace” awards to well meaning people who then come under the Moon umbrella and are added to their rolodex for Moon to cull through for the most loyal. Moon boasts about the AfP leaders taking instructions in his ideology. But not only does the person get hooked, their friends do also as they see their well meaning friends as deserving the recognition. The former president of the FFWPU in the USA said that the “Ambassadors” were “created to be True Parent’s representatives to govern the world.” They are Moon’s witting and unwitting tools. Of course, even if the target realizes they have been used, they then won’t speak up to keep others from the same fate. I will be interested in what Jon does now that he does not have the excuse of being uninformed.

    Swing took one of Moon’s awards and refused to return it when told it was from Moon. URI, like other well meaning ecumenical efforts, apparently has no standards or basic discernment.

    Let me say something bluntly. Anyone who thinks that inviting the Moon movement into their organization does not compromise their work, is lying to themselves or they are grossly uninformed as to Moon’s goals and tactics. In the congressional investigation, a former political leader of the Moon organization said the tactic was to serve and serve until the person or group depends on them, then they can dictate the agenda.

    Then there is this from a few years ago via the IIFWP now known as the UPF:

    “Mussie Hailu, IIFWP representative to the Economic Commission of Africa, has been elected as Chair and Vice-Chair of the new Global Council of the United Religions Initiative (URI).”

    And there is this from the first editor of the Washington Times, James Whelan in 1991, I hope Jon reads this very carefully:

    “They (the Moonies) are subverting our political system. They’re doing it through front organizations–most of them disguised–and through their funding of independent organizations–through the placement of volunteers in the inner sanctums of hard-pressed organizations. In every instance–in every instance–those who attend their conferences, those who accept their money or their volunteers, delude themselves that there is no loss of virtue because the Moonies have not proselytized. That misses the central, crucial point: the Moonies are a political movement in religious clothing. Moon seeks power, not the salvation of souls. To achieve that, he needs religious fanatics as his palace guard and shock troops. But more importantly, he needs secular conscripts–seduced by money, free trips, free services, seemingly endless bounty and booty–in order to give him respectability and, with it, that image of influence which translates as power.”

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