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Will Turkey Dare Defy Israel?

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 7th July, 2010

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, came out with an unusually strong statement the other day, insisting that Israel must either apologise for its bloody assault on the Turkish cruise liner which was part of the recent abortive Gaza aid flotilla, or else submit to a truly independent, international commission of inquiry. Otherwise, he said, Turkey would not remain indifferent — hinting that Ankara might break formal relations with Israel. But how serious is that threat? Both the Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Minister have made clear there is no way Israel is going to apologise for the attack, despite the fact that eight Turks and one Turkish-American lost their lives. And it is pressing ahead with its own inquiry into the incident, having rejected calls for a UN-organised probe. However, Turkish diplomats and journalists have confirmed to me that it is highly unlikely that Turkey will take strong action — other than issue statements of condemnation — as ties between the two countries are considered too important. Moreover, the United States would be mightily displeased with its Turkish ally were it to send such a firm rebuke to Tel Aviv. However, surely it is time for a major country to stand up against Israel’s continuing defiance of International Law. And if not Turkey now, who else and when?


One Response to “Will Turkey Dare Defy Israel?”

  1. John Oakes said

    Your last two sentences say it all . A country which claims to have invented the very concept of law should live by the law.

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