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We Don’t Want Nick Griffin in East London

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 17th November, 2009

The deluded voters of North West England who sent BNP leader Nick Griffin to Brussels as one of their MEPs in June must be disappointed that he has chosen to express his deep commitment to the area by putting forward his candidacy for the Westminister parliamentary seat of Barking in East London just five months later. Talk about carpet-bagging. The absurd thing is that the BNP is the official opposition to Labour on Barking and Dagenham borough council. They got in there not just because they capitalised on Labour’s failure to tackle some of the real problems in the area, but also because they shamelessly borrowed Liberal Democrat tactics of presenting themselves as community politicians, knocking on doors, seemingly caring about bread-and-butter issues, while keeping some of their more scary members and supporters of the streets. Could they really not find someone local to fight this parliamentary seat for them? Instead, they are going to parachute in their Great Leader, presumably in the hope that they will get lots of media attention. Probably they will, though it may not be helpful to their cause. Along with millions of other people, I watched Nick Griffin on Question Time the other week and was surprised, not by his deviousness and inconsistency, but that he came across as such a plonker.

When Oswald Mosley tried to woo the East End for his crypto-fascists he got the rough reception he deserved, and Nick Griffin deserves the same. It is also essential that all of the other parties, including the Liberal Democrats, choose strong candidates to fight this seat, not just to show the BNP leader up in hustings but also to give the disillusioned voters of Barking someone worthwhile to support.


16 Responses to “We Don’t Want Nick Griffin in East London”

  1. We made a mistake Jonathan by letting him have an easy ride and get in, hopefully he won’t get in if we have a solid campaign.

  2. neilfutureboy said

    Whatever you say about the BNP you cannot deny that they oppose war crimes, genocide & organlegging in the Nazi cause unlike your own party. Indeed they are not genocide deniers whose party leadership have said that any mention of these atrocities should be censored.

    If only the self styled “liberal democrats” were equally devoted to the truth & equally unwilling to censor in the Nazi cause.

  3. Ian said

    What about mixed marriages?

  4. neilfutureboy said

    What about them & what is their relevance to the BNP opposing genocide while the “LibDems” cover it up?

  5. Ian said

    The BNP is opposing Radovan Karadzic?
    Admired as a nationalist by the BNP more likely!

  6. neilfutureboy said

    No I said “opposing genocide” not supporting it like you racists.

    I’d be interested in your evidence of BNP opposition to that particular opponent of genocide & al Quaeda. I am certain it represents the very highest standard of honesty to which you Nazis aspire.

  7. Ian said

    “that particular opponent of genocide”
    Karadzic is an opponent of genocide!
    That’s a new one.

  8. neilfutureboy said

    So no evidence of the BNP supporting Karadzic then – simply the very highest standard of honesty to which you aspire.

    If you were in the smallest degree interested in facts rather than your racist propaganda you would know that Karadzic fought the Bosnian Moslems in that war. Since their leader & your Nazi friend was quite publicly committed to racial genocide, Karadzic is unquestionably as certainly an opponent of racial genocide & Nazism as you are a supporter.

    Or perhaps you would care to produce some tiny sliver of evidence to the contrary, this time round.

  9. Ian said

    With all your evidence you should quickly get in touch with Richard Harvey.

  10. neilfutureboy said

    As “Karadzic’s lawyer” but given the job by the prosecution not Karadzic I doubt he would be interested in, or indeed unaware, of your Nazi friend’s public commitment to genocide.

    I note you still have no evidence.

  11. sarah said

    Who are you to tell the people of East london who you want there?

  12. jonathanfryer said

    A long-time East London resident, Sarah, unlike the carpet-bagger Griffin.

  13. Ian said

    I see one of your heroes is set to play a posthumous role when the trial of the main jailer for the Khmer Rouge starts to hear final arguments from lawyers.Albert Speer escaped death at the Nuremberg trials by admitting responsibility for Nazi crimes and expressing remorse for using concentration camp inmates and prisoners of war for slave labour.
    Similarly,cadre Duch is expected to repeat his expressions of remorse for the deaths at S-21,a move his defence hope will spare him from life in prison.

  14. neilfutureboy said

    So not only no success at finding evidence but reduced to making wholly irrelevent & untrue ad hom attacks. Or do you have some slightest trace of evidence that i have ever even mentioned any of these let alone in a supportive way?

    Can you not discuss this honestly – have I ever said anything untrue or remotely insulting about you or any of the other obscene, corrupt, racist, murdering, child raping, organlegging Nazis who make up the LibDems?

  15. Ian said

    The name is evidence in itself “futureboy”=’Tomorrow We Live’.
    The theme hasn’t changed or the location.

  16. neilfutureboy said

    So that’s what passes for evidence in the LudDims is it. Being in some way honest, even if an idiot, Ian you will have publicly accused the author of this site being the homosexual lover of his father’s murderer & of frying & eating babies since his name “proves it”. Could you please post up a link to where you made that indication of such moronic honesty.

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