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Move over Glenys, Chris Bryant Is the New Attack Dog!

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 12th October, 2009

Chris BryantGlenys Kinnock 1Former MEP Glenys Kinnock has been relieved of her responsibility as Minister for Europe and has been shunted sideways — some might say downwards — to look after Africa. Chris Bryant, MP for the Rhondda, will take her place. Though doubtless some of the tabloid press will snigger, given the unfortunate affair of Mr Bryant’s publicly-displayed Y-fronts some years back, the move is a good one. The Labour Party has identified, rightly, that Europe is the Tories’ Achilles heel and they intend to bang on about it from now up to the general election. Chris Bryant is a firm pro-European who can argue the case strongly, most importantly in the House of Commons. Baroness Kinnock (twice a lady, being the wife of former Labour leader, Lord [Neil] Kinnock, as well as having been made a peer in her own right, in order to take on ministerial responsiblity) would have found it much more difficult to land blows on William Hague and his shadow Foreign Office team from the other end of the parliamentary corridor. Standing up against Tory Euro-scepticism is the right thing to do, and interestingly it is not as unpopular move as some might think. In an opinion poll taken during the smmer, the Tories scored lower than Labour on only one area of policy: Europe.

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