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The LibDems’ Secret Bestseller

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 22nd September, 2009

Paddy AshdownShirley WilliamsWhat should have been the (free) bestseller event of the Bournemouth Liberal Democrat conference fringe this afternoon attracted just three dozen blessed souls instead of the three hundred the room could have accommodated, because someone forgot/failed to put the event into the conference directory. Whoops. The party’s leader in the House of Lords, Tom McNally, chaired a panel of the LibDems’ three top-selling authors, Paddy Ashdown, Vince Cable and Shirley Williams. Undeterred by rows of empty seats, great troopers that they are, they put on a bravura performance, providing tempting tasters of their tomes, their lives and the world (including one or two anecdotes thought not quite appropriate to put into print).

Vince CableIt was all hugely enjoyable and a good few books were sold. But how sad that what should have been a tremendous event was to a certain extent a damp squib.

2 Responses to “The LibDems’ Secret Bestseller”

  1. Ian said

    Vince Cable’s The Storm is on sale at the Kinokuniya Bookshop Siam Paragon Bangkok.

  2. David said

    And was being advertised with big posters on the Underground in London

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