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What Gordon Brown Should Tell Bibi Netanyahu

Posted by jonathanfryer on Tuesday, 25th August, 2009

Binyamin NetanyahuThe British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, will receive his Israeli counterpart, Binyamin Netanyahu, at 10 Downing Street this afternoon. Behind the diplomatic courtesies, some hard truths need to be conveyed, namely that there will never be peace in the Middle East unless the Israeli government changes its policies towards the Palestinians, and that a viable, independent Palestinian state — which is in principle what most people want — is being made impossible by the continuing Israeli colonisation of the West Bank.

Settlements are the key issue at this juncture, as Barack Obama has rightly stressed (though without the necessary threat of sanctions unless something is done about them). President Obama has called for a freeze on new building, which Bibi Netanyahu’s government is blithely ignoring. But a freeze is not enough. A phased process of withdrawal of settlers needs to be started, as happened years ago in Gaza. Zealots who continue to set up illegal ‘outposts’ on Palestinian land need to be prosecuted, not protected. Mr Netanyahu also needs to be reminded forcefully that all of the West Bank settlements are illegal under international law anyway.

Secondly, the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem must stop. Arabs — both Muslims and Christians — are being pushed out of their homes and businesses, by a mixture of persuasion, intimidation and force, including house demolitions. The clear objective is to make Jerusalem as far as possible a Jewish city, the undivided ‘capital’ of the Jewish state of Israel. This is a violation of thousands of years of heritage of a unique town, holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. It should have become an international city after the partition of Palestine and Britain, as the country that held the Mandate for Palestine, has a responsibility to try to ensure that that heritage is not detroyed.

Last but not least, there is the issue of the blockade of Gaza, which must be lifted, on both humanitarian and pragmatic grounds. There then has to be dialogue with Hamas. That won’t be easy, but the mutual loathing and reciprocal violence will never be overcome unless there is some constructive engagement.

Of course, the responsibility for change does not rest entirely on the Israeli side. Far from it. But today Gordon Brown is seeing the Israeli leader, so these points need to be stressed. The next time a Palestinian leader is invited to 10 Downing Street, I will set out some uncomfortable but necessary truths for the Palestinians too.

15 Responses to “What Gordon Brown Should Tell Bibi Netanyahu”

  1. What Gordon Brown should tell Netanyahu is unprintable…

  2. neil craig said

    Netanyahu should be telling Brown that Israel’s government does not engage in genocide, in massacres, in the deliberate bombing of civilians, in selling children to brothels or in kidnapping ethnically inconvenient people, cutting them up while still alive & selling off the body parts. All things which the British government have done, with the total support of the “:iberal Democrats”.

    He should further point out that if Israel was not infinitely more civilised that the British government it could follow the example of the NATO powers & solve its Palestinian problem by ethnic cleansing – as we did in Kosovo & Krajina to help our (ex-)Nazi allies & tried to do in Ossetia.

    He could then point out that it is literally impossible for anybody who is not a complete & total Nazi to ever, under any circumstances, criticise the Jews in any way while supporting NATO pro-Nazi genocide & confirm that he will publicly state this about those who do – such as Ming Campbell & Nick Clegg.

  3. I’m not a complete and total Nazi, Neil, yet I, like most sensible people and many intelligent, committed and courageous Israelis, am very happy to criticise Israel for its mindless policies of massacre, apartheid and abuse of civilians which do nothing less than prolong their own country’s instability and state of war.

    You are completely mad, bad and, I bet, really tedious to know.

  4. neil craig said

    So if you are not a complete & total, anti-Semitic Nazi you will be able to say exactly when you expressed 1000 times as much opposition to these crimes, at least 1000 times worse that Israel’s. Or at least equal opposition. You certainly cannot produce any evidence of your party or Mesrs Campbell, Clegg etc having been anything less than totally supportive of that genocide.

    I cannot agree with you that not considering Auschwitz a good start as you, W&W & the rest of your racist party clearly do is “bad” – quite the contrary. I guess we must disagre on that – I personally think that somebody who eagerly approves of genocide, child rape & worse, as you & your fellow Nazis do, doesn’t possess 1% as much human decency as my toenail clippings. Nobody who disapproved of genocide could disagree.

  5. I am sorry, I have tried to enter a debate with you yet again. I am at fault. I have looked at your blog now and I realise that you are so far off the wall that there is simply no coming back for you.

    I wish you every happiness in your life and I hope you find some peace one day. In the meantime, you might consider some ‘radio silence’ while you sort out your countless issues.

  6. neil craig said

    Starting ad hominum attacks, at least without producing some evicence (including your doctorate), is not entering a debate.

    I have drawn a precise paralel between you & your party’s support of child rape, genocide & worse. You have proven you cannot dispute the truth of that in any way whatsoever, merely saying that I am “bad” to oppose such things. Anybody & any party who says that it is bad to oppose the genocide of Slavic people & equally bad to treat Jews the same way as British people is, by definition, a Nazi. Anybody who uses lies to support Nazi policies, as you do, is wholly dishonest & by my ethical stamdards, shows less integrity & human decency than my toenail clippings. It is conceivable that you could delineate ethical standards which would classify you & members of your Nazi party as human, but the fact that you have made no attempt to do so suggests not.

  7. charlesvaird said

    There is no statute of limitation on the offense of theft or illegal expropriation. When the Nazis, for instance, thought that they had established ‘facts on the ground’ by invading Poland and other European countries and stealing not only land but also, in the case of European Jews, personal assets and possessions – they thought they had achieved faits accomplis.

    However, for over half a century since, Germany has been forced to pay reparations and wherever possible, to return stolen land and goods to their rightful owners or their heirs.

    So it is and so it shall be with Israel’s ‘facts on the ground’ in the West Bank.
    Ma’ale Adumim and other so-called settlements, built illegally on Palestinian land, will revert to Palestinian ownership in due course. Theft cannot be condoned and although it may take decades, as with Germany, Israel must and will dismantle all such settlements and live within its own borders, as stipulated by the UN. There is no statute of limitation in this matter.

  8. neil craig said

    And are you on record Charles as saying the same thing about Kosovo & Krajina or do such human rights only apply to enemies of the Jews & to our own Nazi allies?

  9. charlesvaird said

    Neil Craig:

    And are you on record Charles as saying the same thing about Kosovo & Krajina or do such human rights only apply to enemies of the Jews & to our own Nazi allies?

    No! I am not on record as commenting about Kosovo! I am not a Serb or a Bosnian.

    I am a Jew and I care passionately what is being done in my name, in Israel!

  10. neil craig said

    Well firstly any real Jew would strenuously object to being told everything that Israel does is “in their name” in the same way that John McCain & Sarah Palin would object to being told they were responsible for eveerything Gordon Brown does because they are of British blood.

    Secondly you are stating that it is improper of anybody who isn’t German to say a bad word about Hitler’s Holocausts.

    Thirdly it would only be necessary for you to be a human being to object to dissecting living human beings.

    Fourthly can you confirm that you have at all times publicly disagreed with anybody who had a word to say against Saddam Hussein, or Chinese control of Tibet, or of Darfur or any of the other officially approved causes. Obviously, if you are not a total & complete hypocrit you will be able to answer in the affirmative.

    Fifthly it must be obvious that I am not a Serb. I do, however, have the honour of being a human being, apparently unlike the genocidal filth who make up the LibDems.

  11. john oakes said

    Anything useful that Gordon Brown might say to Netanyahu on behalf of the millions of us who care what happens in Israel is entirely ruled out by the fact that our Prime Minister is, because of his office, a Patron of the Jewish National Fund.
    In other words he- and Cameron- have sworn to work for an organisation that now controls over 80% of Israel’s landmass.
    This fact alone means that the hoped-for bi-communal solution can never work. The Israelis have seen to it that there isn’t enough room to accommodate the Palestinian half of the population properly any more.There’s no room for industry, for example. And their boa -constrictor wall means the Palestinian area is shrinking further as we speak.
    Ask him about that, Gordon,- if you want to lose your place at next year’s Jewish National Fund dinner at WIndsor Castle .
    Happily-neutral Nick Clegg should demand that both Brown and Cameron resign forthwith as Patrons of the JNF .That position gives an obvious bias to any opinions they offer the electorate about the Middle East.

  12. Luis Vega said

    It never ceases to amaze me how it seems almost impossible to reject Israel’s policy of repressive colonization without been called an anti-Semite or Nazi.

    I beg to differ.

    It is quite possible to disagree with it, as well as the random use of civilian violence by radical Palestinians. Somehow I do not recall Palestinians calling those who justly criticize violence by their radical segment anti-Palestinians. Perhaps because in these instance both sides are Semites.

    Until those who attempt to defend ethnic cleasing and repressive population control overcome the easy label of Nazi for anyone who tries to offer a reasonable, yet controversial, view on the conflict, no progress can be made. As it is mostly one side that has the economic resources to fund politicians around the globe. It’s a skewed debate.

  13. neil craig said

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can support racial genocide against the peoples Adolf Hitler practiced it against, support openly racist & genocidal organisations like Hamas & then have the chutzpah to claim that they personally & their Liberal Democrat party aren’t Nazis.

    I differ.

    Until the debate moves on from the Nazism of people who support ethnic cleansing, genocide & worse for Untermensch to equal rights & treatment for all races no progress can be made. This is something all liberals can agree on but obviously racist murderers calling themselves “Liberal Democrats” can’t.

  14. Luis Vega said

    I strongly disagree with your argument; it’s more than a difference.

    You may attempt to perpetuate victimization by accusing everyone who disagrees with your view as a Nazi. That does not make your argument true. Your rationale would allow Latin Americans to go to China and claim territory because of the Spanish colonization of our people and land. Yet there is not relation between the two.

    Obviously, we will never agree. I’m at peace with never agreeing with you. It’s insane to reason with fanatics. Salud.

  15. neil craig said

    “Your rationale would allow Latin Americans to go to China and claim territory because of the Spanish colonization”

    Since I never said anything that could, with the worst will in the world, be twisted into saying that. It is clear that you are trying to claim the insanity defence. I don’t believe you are sincere in that defence.

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