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LibDems Leapfrog Labour in both National and Euro-election Polls

Posted by jonathanfryer on Saturday, 30th May, 2009

There’s grim news for Labour in tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph, which publishes an ICM poll that predicts that the LibDems would push Labour well into third place if there were a general election tomorrow — and, more significantly, will do so in the real-time European elections on Thursday. This certainly confirms the message I’ve been getting on the doorstep in London, though with the political atmosphere so volatile at the moment, it would be rash to take anything for granted. This time next week, we will know the true picture, as the UK will announce its Euro-election results when polls close in those continental EU member states which vote on Sundays.

According to the ICM poll, voting intentions nationwide for the Euros in the UK are as follows: Conservatives 29%, LibDems 20%, Labour 17%, Green 11%, UKIP 10%, BNP 5%.

The figures relating to a hypothetical general election are even more striking: Conservatives 40%, LibDems 25%, Labour 22%. Even under Britain’s distorting first-past-the-post electoral system used in national elections, that would really change the political landscape.



4 Responses to “LibDems Leapfrog Labour in both National and Euro-election Polls”

  1. Teek said

    These figures are a reflection both of the excellent work our Euro candidates are doing (keep it up…!) and of the extraordinary efforts of our Parliamentary party over Gukhas, the economy and lately on the constitutional crisis we face. Quietly at first, now with more conviction, the Lib Dems are emerging as a real force for change – and long may that continue!


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  3. And I’m sure this will only be helped along by the article in tomorrow’s Guardian by Polly Toynbee, calling for a Euro Lib Dem vote

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