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Getting out the Postal Vote

Posted by jonathanfryer on Saturday, 23rd May, 2009

Euro-election phone bankPostal votes for the European elections have been landing on people’s doormats over the past few days. Mine was hand-delivered to the house today (here in Tower Hamlets there have been so many scandals about postal votes being purloined in the past that the Council is trying to make things safer). When I attended a big dinner with Nick Clegg and Ed Davey MP in Tolworth (Kingston and Surbiton) last night, several people told me they had already put their cross next to the Liberal Democrat box and sent off their ballot paper (which is longer than any laundry list, but figures several distinctly soiled items). I will be putting mine in the postbox on my way to a TV studio to do a live programme this evening.

This afternoon, between doing a Hackney against the BNP ‘speed-candidating’ session in Stoke Newington — in which voters were able to spend a couple of minutes one-to-one with eight different candidates — and canvassing in Walthamstow, I popped in to the LibDem HQ at Cowley Street to see how the phone bank operation is going there: all through the Bank Holiday weekend, a dedicated team of volunteers is phoning round our supporters with postal votes in strong areas to make sure they get their votes sent off. This is really an election in which every vote will count. Anyone who would like to help can email for details.


3 Responses to “Getting out the Postal Vote”

  1. It was great to meet up with our next L/D MEP for London, in Walthamstow tonight and this time he will surely get past the milestone,that alluded his best effort, in 2005?

    But since the Liberal Democratic Euro policy credentials are closest to Europe amongst the major contenders on June 4th-I look for a late swing towards our candidates, especially in London where there is a talented No3 PR prospect in Dinti Backstone.

    We have a great opportunity to elected L/D MEP`s whom support the best in Europe to deat Climate Change,co-operation on Sex Traffickers and the enforcement of international police warrants,Human Rights for Minorities including Tamils,and an end to ID Cards and the fight to control and turn the `Credit Crunch’: are all European focussed besides local issues.

    Good Luck at the count this time Jonathan!

    • Technomist said

      International police warrants might not be such a great thing if critics are correct that there are far fewer safeguards for British citizens being sent to places like Greece that there would be for a British citizen accused of a crime tried here, or for a Greek being extradited to the UK. Still, makes for a good sound-bite and makes us sound like we are up on Euro-policy issues, albeit ones driven by the statist authoritarians on the right, the substance of which might be quite illiberal and could involve selling out our fellow citizens for a somewhat abstract and flawed in practice idea.

  2. Technomist said

    Good Luck Jonathan.

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