Jonathan Fryer

Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician

Why Sensible Conservatives should vote LibDem on 4 June

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 8th May, 2009

Christopher BeazleyToday, 9 May, is Europe Day, but one person who will certainly not be celebrating is David Cameron, who has received a very public slap in the face from one of his outgoing MEPs, Christopher Beazley. Mr Beazley got a standing ovation in the European Parliament this week by declaring that the Conservative leader ‘thinks that by becoming anti-European in the House of Commons this will secure him the premiership of my country. I, as a British Conservative, reserve the right to object. If my party leadser seeks to rip up thirty years of work by Tory pro-Europeans, he is wrong.’ Another outgoing Tory MEP, Caroline Jackson, had earlier been equally scathing, denouncing Mr Cameron’s plan to pull Tory MEPs out of the EPP (Christian Democrat-dominated group) in the European Parliament as a ‘stupid, stupid policy’.

It is clear from the all-part hustings that I have already done in this election campaign that the Cameroon Conservatives are going to run on a Brussels-bashing ticket, vying with UKIP and the five (sic) other anti-EU parties on the ballot paper in London. No wonder a growing number of sensible Conservatives have been telling me that they have only one choice on 4 June: to vote Liberal Democrat.

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