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Inside Look into the European Parliament

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 20th March, 2009

Friday afternoons in the European Parliament buildings in Brussels tend to be low-key affairs, as the MEPs have gone back to their constituencies and their researchers are winding down for the weekend. So it was an ideal time to begin the two-day in-depth briefing for 30 of us prospective new MEPs, organised by the European Liberal Forum. We had major presentations by both the Secretary General of the European Liberal (ALDE) group, Alexander Beels, and Dutch MEP Jules Maaten on what Liberal MEPs and what the European Parliament as a whole have achieved over the past five years — all useful stuff for the campaign trail. Tomorrow we’ll be getting into the nitty-geitty of policy, from the economy to climate change, as well as getting helpful hints on how to organise our lives if we do indeed get elected. Better to be forewarned! 



One Response to “Inside Look into the European Parliament”

  1. Luke Peters said

    Don’t worry. Whatever you do won’t make a jot of difference without the European Commission’s approval.

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