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Charles Kennedy on Europe @ Shish

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 25th February, 2009

charles-kennedy   Charles Kennedy was the keynote speaker at a LibDem social event at the Shish restaurant in Old Street last night, where there was a notably good turnout of Turkish party sympathisers and community activists as the former party leader and the barrister Emma Edhem addressed such issues as European citizenship and negative trends in civil liberties in this country, the continent’s Number 1 surveillance society. Charles, who is currently President of the European Movement in Britain, underlined the need for the Liberal Democrats to have the courage of their convictions in the European elections in a political environment in which the Labour government has failed to make the European case and the Conservatives are thrashing around on the fringes of Euro-scepticism. He pointed out that between 25 and 30 per cent of Brtish voters are even in favour of joining the euro, despite the fact that the government has made no real case for it. More important, it is now blindingly clear that the only way that a medium-sized country like Britain is going to extract itself from current economic and environmental probems is through closer collaboration with our EU partners. 



One Response to “Charles Kennedy on Europe @ Shish”

  1. Luke Peters said

    The Liberal Democrats are commendable for their defence of civil liberties (whether or not they make any headway). I would have to disagree, however that the Conservatives are “thrashing around on the fringes of Euro-Skepticism”. There is no talk in the Tory camp of leaving the EU. The EU project is one issue on which all three main parties agree. In this I believe the LibDems are missing a trick. There is an unrepresented chunk of the populace that is Euroskeptic and find no natural home either with Labour, Conservative or LibDem. A LibDem party that campaigned for civil liberties AND the restoration of British sovereignty may just be in with a chance of victory, especially with Labour reeling and the Conservatives an untested “more of the same”.
    What you are also pointing out is that 70-75% of the British public are against joining the single currency, when the pound is at an all time low against the euro… hmmm.
    I fail to see why the only solution to our problems is through closer collaboration with our EU partners. It seems ridiculous to have to point out, with the principles of democracy in mind, that our collaboration with our EU partners is far, far closer than any man, woman or child in Britain has ever voted for.

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