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Fishermen’s Woes in Bahrain

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 17th December, 2008

The house in Bahrain where I am now staying used to back straight on to the sea. When I first started coming here, fifteen years ago, local fishermen used to gather driftwood under the back wall and mend their nets during slack periods. But following the construction of the kingdom’s artificial Amwaj Islands and further land reclamation to improve Muharraq’s road infrastructure, there is no longer any outlet to the sea and the fishing boats have gone. The same story is being repeated around Bahrain’s islands, as more and more land is reclaimed.

At least the fishermen at Seef got good news yesterday, timed to coincide with the Bahrain National Day holiday: the Manama municipality has agreed to work with the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife to create a new temporary harbour for 60 fishermen whose boats were left landlocked by land reclamation at Seef. But just as the pearl-fishers saw their livelihoods devastated here in the 1930s, now many fishermen fear they will be the last in their line.

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