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Bangkok Back in Business

Posted by jonathanfryer on Wednesday, 10th December, 2008

When I landed at Bangkok airport last night, I discovered everything was back to normal. No-one who was uninformed could have guessed that only last week, the place was being occupied by thousands of protestors and that there had even been violent confrontations. Everything is functioning smoothly, it’s all spotlessly clean and hordes of tourists are pouring off planes again. Would Heathrow be able to pick itself up and dust itself down so quickly if it had been occupied by thousands of people for a week? I doubt it.

It’s nearly 40 years since I was last in the Thai capital — five sprells of R and R during my time as a journalist in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos — so I have much to (re-)discover. For the moment, I am just gobsmacked by all the huge shopping malls and the modernity of the place. Watch this space!

3 Responses to “Bangkok Back in Business”

  1. Ian said

    PAD are a highly disciplined organisation!
    The lawn at Government House doesn’t look so good however.

  2. Dudeist said

    Obviously the PAD are so disciplined that they forgot to properly dispose of the two bodies found at the airports.

  3. Ian said

    Bangkok Post 20th February,2009
    Foreign carriers feel pressing charges against those who seized Bangkok airports is not worthwhile.

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