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Liberal Democrat Friends of Turkey

Posted by jonathanfryer on Monday, 8th December, 2008


The newly-founded Liberal Democrat Friends of Turkey (LDFT) has had a festive launch, at a hostelry in Upper Street, Islington. The local PPC, Bridget Fox, and I were delighted to join Turhan Ozen and an ethusiastic group of Turkish-speaking young people, mainly from North London. There is a sizeable Turkish and Turkish Cypriot community in the capital, many of whom are now keen to get more involved in local life. The Liberal Democrats, of course, strongly support Turkey’s bid to join the European Union, once it has made sufficient progress in a number of economic and political areas. Quite how many years that will take is anybody’s guess at the moment, but it is important that the goal be kept clearly in view and that the Turkish-speaking population in London is in the meantime able to play its due role in this extraordinary multicultural city.  

A LDFT Facebook Group has been set up: ‘Liberal Democrat Friends of Turkey’

One Response to “Liberal Democrat Friends of Turkey”

  1. At this particular time of year, that headline fills my head with jokes.

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