Jonathan Fryer

Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Liberal Democrat Politician

Using Facebook in Campaigning

Posted by jonathanfryer on Sunday, 30th November, 2008

One of the most significant transatlantic lessons from the successful Obama presidential campaign has been maximising Internet use in political work, not least social networking sites, including Facebook. Facebook is particularly important in Britain, as such a high percentage of the population has signed up, including a majority of young people. Apart from the obvious advantages of keeping in touch with one’s friends through one’s personal page, all the special interest groups that have sprung up have been a communications godsend in keeping up with developments in areas of particular concern, as well as networking with like-minded people. And as the Obama campaign showed, through Facebook and other sites, a popular political campaign can snowball.

That’s why earlier this month, as part of the ‘Make it 2!’ LibDem Euro-campaign in London, James Lillis launched a ‘Jonathan Fryer 4 Europe’ Facebook group, which has already garnered nearly 250 members in a fortnight. Anyone can join — you don’t even have to be a Liberal Democrat! — and invite others. Through the group there will be occasional updates on how the campaign is going, policy issues and details of related events. In 2004, the LibDems missed electing a second MEP by 0.6% — fewer than 250 votes per parliamentary constituency. So, if you would like to see greater Liberal Democrat representation in the European Parliament, why not sign up for the ‘Jonathan Fryer 4 Europe’ Facebook group, if you haven’t done so already (a big thank-you to those who have)? Let’s ‘Make it 2!’ in 2009!


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