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Vince Cheers Sarah Teather’s Five Years

Posted by jonathanfryer on Friday, 19th September, 2008

The multicultural annual dinners put on in Neasden by Brent Liberal Democrats have already become legendary events and last night’s was special, as it marked the fifth anniversary of the election of Sarah Teather in the Brent East by-election. Poor Sarah — who missed all of this week’s Bournemouth conference — is very much under the weather thanks to some bug she picked up on a recent visit to Nigeria, but she did bravely put in a mute presence at the dinner. This left guest speaker Vince Cable, the new Saga Star of British politics, to whip up enthusiasm among the party faithful, while fending off numerous calls from the media on his mobile phone. The entertainment this year was provided by a West Indian steel band, and a troupe of gymnastic latino salsa dancers performing Cuban hits. One could sense Vince’s suppressed desire to get up and join them, to hone his already considerable ballroom skills. One plucky 81-year-old local LibDem member did get transported by the music and discreetly did a jig of his own on the sidelines.


3 Responses to “Vince Cheers Sarah Teather’s Five Years”

  1. Waqi Ahmed said

    On the evening of 7th September 2008, Mr. Amir Liaquat of Geo TV, in his program “Aalim Online” touched the topic of Khatm-e-Nabuwat. This topic, no doubt, is of utmost importance to every Muslim and absolutely sacred one. The topic should have been explained to the audience in the light of Islamic teachings. But, as usual, the discussion was deviated off the main point and it drifted towards the controversial topic of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (more commonly known as qadianis) . The Sunni cleric or Moulvi sahib started abusing rather accusing Ahmadis for not believing in the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat and further said that anybody not believing in the concept was WAJIB-UL-QATAL (obligatory to be killed) . He did not stop even at that. The molvi sahib, as though it was vital for true explanation of the issue, started abusing Mirza Sahib the founder of the Ahmadiyya community. Mr Liaquat seemed to be on the same lines of thought as of the Molvi. Mr. Amir Liaquat forgot his status as the moderator/anchor of the show and in the continuity of the abuses started his own speech. In his speech he totally forgot the main topic and not only desecrated the sacred status of a man considered holy by more than 200 million people around the world, but also spread hatred among the nation of Pakistan which is already facing the consequences of intolerance among themselves. Not to mention Mr. Liaquat paved the way for further terrorism and extremism by playing with the emotions of the common man; whose heart and soul is Islam but unfortunately does not hold the intellect or the knowledge to study the true values of real Islam.
    This program created such an adverse effect on the illiterate listeners that on the very next day, that is on the 8th of September 2008, Dr. Munnan Siddiqui, a well known Physician who belonged to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Mirpur Khas Sindh, was brutally murdered in his clinic. Unknown gunmen entered his clinic and started firing indiscriminately injuring several persons including his patients and security guard. Dr. Siddiqui succumbed to his injuries few minutes later. This barbaric act of terrorism or extremism whatever we call it was just a glimpse of the potential our populace has in accepting extremist beliefs and resorting to such cowardly acts.
    The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has never been given the chance to defend its beliefs in Pakistan. Numerous allegations and accusations are laid upon the community but never a chance is given to say anything in their defense. We as a nation are affected by the fact that we are intolerant and hate anyone who dares to contradict us. We don’t want to see the other side of the picture. . This has always been the case in Pakistan. But what really saddens me this time is that we are now claiming to fight extremism in our country while our media is spreading such extremist one-sided teachings on prime-time television!!! When will we understand the fact that we must be tolerant enough to listen to other people. Think about the situation the nation is in, everything is going wrong. Everybody agrees to that. Everybody knows the problem is extremism so why not cure it. If Pakistan does not recognize its friends from foes soon than it’s a lost war.
    Finally I being an Ahmadi Muslim condemn this act of violence and ask the Government of Pakistan to ensure that the Muderers of Dr Siddiqui are caught. I also plea to the Authorities to make sure that such acts of terrorism are not repeated. I further address the administration of Geo TV and show my disappointment and condemnation of the content of that program. I considered the Media to be impartial and the voice of the people not the beacon of hate and violence.

  2. Are you Backing Ros or Lembit? As Ros has you and so does Lembit!

  3. jonathanfryer said

    I am backing Ros. The quote on Lembit’s website is a legitimate quote I gave him when he was standing for the federal executive many years ago and I said he could use whenever he wants. But I am voting for Ros.

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